The Lake Guardians Make Their Debut!

After appearing in the new loading screen background for the new year, the Lake Guardian trio of Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf finally make their debut! The trio were initially teased over the last 3 days with reports of them being sighted in the wild, the first time a legendary Pokemon has ever spawned in the … Continue reading The Lake Guardians Make Their Debut!

Understanding Uxie : A Raid Guide

Source:Bulbapedia Uxie is the opposite of Azelf, focusing on defence when Azelf was the attack guy and Mesprit was the middle ground. However this makes it much closer to Cresselia than even Mesprit and I believe it's going to be the least popular of the Lake Guardians. Focusing on defence as a legendary isn't viable … Continue reading Understanding Uxie : A Raid Guide

The 2018 Winter Event Is Here!

So here it is, the annual Christmas event has arrived and look at that gorgeous banner from the official website! You can read the official announcement hereĀ . If you didn't want to read, the key information would be the new releases and bonuses available during the event which starts on 18th December 2018 to 2nd … Continue reading The 2018 Winter Event Is Here!