Razing Raikou: A Raid Guide

Source: Bulbapedia Of the 3 Legendary Beasts, Raikou is the only one which is at the top of its own typing. Zapdos was top dog among Electric types but its time as best Electric type lasted only a few months before Raikou dethroned it. Raikou has a great moveset, Niantic even adding the neutral but … Continue reading Razing Raikou: A Raid Guide

Swatting Suicune: A Raid Guide

Source: Bulbapedia Suicune is by far the worst of the Johto trio. Its first strike is being the more defensive of the three. That wouldn't be terrible on its own but as a legendary it can't be used in gyms. Its movesets are rather underwhelming especially with no consistent Water Fast move other than a … Continue reading Swatting Suicune: A Raid Guide