Eliminating Entei: A Raid Guide

Source: Bulbapedia Entei isn't as good as Moltres when it comes to dishing out damage but it makes up for it by being just a little more sturdy than the fire bird. It also lacks a double weakness to Rock unlike Moltres but has to deal with a Ground weakness, unlike Moltres. Entei has 235 … Continue reading Eliminating Entei: A Raid Guide


Swinub Day Exclusive Move Confirmed!

Source:Pokemon Go With Community Day only a few days away, Niantic have dropped the exclusive move for Mamoswine. Despite it being an Ice/Ground type, Mamoswine will get the exclusive move of Ancient Power, a move it could learn in the core games and it was needed to evolve Piloswine into Mamoswine. You needed to get … Continue reading Swinub Day Exclusive Move Confirmed!

Pokémon Go Friendship Event!

While we already have a Lunar New Year event and the Shiny Meltan event,Niantic have decided to throw another event, to celebrate the friendships you have with your in-game friends. Starting on 8th February 2019 at 1pm PST and lasting until 11th February 1pm PST, you'll bonuses to Friendship progression and trading! Friendship level progression … Continue reading Pokémon Go Friendship Event!

Lunar New Year Event Is Here!

Source: Pokemon Go A happy Lunar New Year to all who celebrate it! Enjoy collecting red packets and catching up with friends and family over the holiday. Meanwhile, Niantic have decided to release their first ever Lunar New Year event for us to enjoy, in between the visiting and festivities. From Feb. 4, 2019, at … Continue reading Lunar New Year Event Is Here!

Rampardos: The New King of Rock

Source:Bulbapedia Move over Tyranitar, you're no longer the best Rock type in the game. Standing proudly at the top even without a Rock fast move, it only got better with its own Community Day exclusive fast move Smack Down. Now it could hit those Pokemon weak to it with a pure Rock moveset. It was … Continue reading Rampardos: The New King of Rock