Yes, Crabhammer Kingler Is Really Good But How Good Is It?

Source: Bulbapedia Currently we're having the annual Water Pokemon Festival which sees increased spawns of Water types, the debut of Shiny Barboach and Carvanha for a whole week. Last year we got the release of Shiny Kyogre for the duration of the event. This time we're seeing the return of the Lake Guardians Uxie,Azelf and … Continue reading Yes, Crabhammer Kingler Is Really Good But How Good Is It?

Rocking Regirock: A Raid Guide

Source:Bulbapedia None of the Regis can be described as great attackers. They're at best decent but you really don't and should not need to power them up or use them barring an extreme shortage of good Pokemon. Please do not power this guy up. If you want to catch a lot of it, that's up … Continue reading Rocking Regirock: A Raid Guide

Grounding Groudon: A Raid Guide

Source: Bulbapedia Groudon, what a Pokemon. Projected to be the best Ground type attacker since its release, Groudon is a must have in your team. Don't hesitate to get premium passes for it, it'll improve your team. Even with the likes of Garchomp and Rhyperior, Groudon still reigns as the king of the hill. Note … Continue reading Grounding Groudon: A Raid Guide