Massacring Mewtwo: A Raid Guide

Source: Bulbapedia Mewtwo was the strongest Pokemon in Generation 1 in the core games and as a legendary in Pokemon Go, Mewtwo lives up to its reputation as one of the strongest in the game. Its attack stat is high and it can actually take a hit, unlike Alazkam and most formes of Deoxys. Its … Continue reading Massacring Mewtwo: A Raid Guide


Deoxys Attack Forme : A Raid Guide

Source: Bulbapedia Deoxys is a Pokemon of extremes. Its 4 formes excel in one or two stats while being terrible in the rest. The Normal Forme of Deoxys was the defintion of a glass cannon, having extremely high attack at the expense of its abysmal defence. Attack Forme Deoxys goes one step further by increasing … Continue reading Deoxys Attack Forme : A Raid Guide