The Powerhouse: Dragonite

I adore Dragonite. It's the first of the pseudo-legendaries ever released and in Pokemon Go, a dragon type that will always remain viable. A pseudo-legendary refers to a Pokemon which has a base stat of 600 in the main series, the same number as legendary Pokemon like Mew or Celebi. They aren't classified as legendary … Continue reading The Powerhouse: Dragonite

Pulverising Palkia: A Raid Guide

Source:Bulbapedia Palkia is part of the creation trio of legendaries, the other two being Giratina and Dialga. Its a Water/Dragon which is a pretty good typing due to it only have 2 weaknesses unlike Giratina which has 5. Its also a typing shared only with Kingdra, but Palkia's stats are far ahead of Kingdra's relatively … Continue reading Pulverising Palkia: A Raid Guide