How Should Breeding Work In Pokemon Go?

Source:Bulbapedia Breeding In The Core Games Breeding, like Trading is also a big part of the core games in Pokemon. Introduced in Generation 2 with gender, breeding allowed trainers to hatch Pokemon from eggs. All you had to do was bring your Pokemon to a Pokemon Day Care center and leave it with the people … Continue reading How Should Breeding Work In Pokemon Go?


Should Multiple Trades Of The Same Pokemon Be Allowed?

Trading has been without a doubt, a great addition to the game. It was part of the core games, allowing players to trade with each other to complete their Pokedex or to receive a top tier Pokemon wouldn't be able to acquire on their own. When Pokemon Go came out, people clamoured for trading to … Continue reading Should Multiple Trades Of The Same Pokemon Be Allowed?

Assaulting Articuno: A Raid Guide

Source: Bulbapedia Articuno was the first of the legendary bird trio to be released, the first legendary Ice type. Sadly it wasn't even the best Ice type in Generation 1 due to its stats focusing on being a defensive tank. Jynx actually was the best Ice type from Kanto, but thanks to a lacklustre showing … Continue reading Assaulting Articuno: A Raid Guide

Melting Moltres: A Raid Guide

Source: Bulbapedia The premier Fire type, Moltres soared into first among the Fire types since Generation 1 and has not looked back since. It leads in DPS and overall output thanks to a superb moveset. While its typing comes with an unfortunate double weakness to Rock, it does at least avoid the Ground weakness most … Continue reading Melting Moltres: A Raid Guide

Mamoswine: The New Ice King?

Source: Bulbapedia With the recent annoucement of Swinub being then next featured Pokemon for Community Day,its time to take a closer look at the new Sinnoh Pokemon that's going to make its debut next month. You can read more about the Community Day annoucement here. Mamoswine is the final evolution in the Swinub line, evolving … Continue reading Mamoswine: The New Ice King?

Swinub Day is Coming!

Source: Pokemon Go Mark your calendar because February 2019's Community Day has been revealed! While most of us were expecting a Hoenn Pokemon like Bagon, Slakoth or Ralts, Niantic have sprung a surprise by going for Swinub. Its the first Pokemon to not be a starter or in the 10km egg group to get its … Continue reading Swinub Day is Coming!