Appraising The New Appraisal System.

Part of the latest update Pokemon Go brings an update to the appraisal system, where the game lets you know the IV of the Pokemon you've caught. It was a great update when trainers were reliant on third party apps and websites to get their IV appraisals done but the in-game appraisals did have some … Continue reading Appraising The New Appraisal System.

Attacking Armoured Mewtwo: A Raid Guide

Source: Gamepress Armoured Mewtwo is a reference to the Pokemon anime series where it was used by Team Rocket leader Giovanni during his Gym battles. Mewtwo would be wearing armour, presumably used to control him. Unfortunately for Giovanni, Mewtwo would later escape, depriving him of one of the most powerful Pokemon to ever exist. Also … Continue reading Attacking Armoured Mewtwo: A Raid Guide

Alolan Exeggutor: Underrated Groudon Counter?

Source: Bulbapedia By the time you read this, Groudon will have left us with Armoured Mewtwo replacing it in tier 5 raid battles. Groudon still the best Ground type around so I imagine a lot of trainers tried to get as many they could, even if they had already caught a Shiny Groudon. It's a … Continue reading Alolan Exeggutor: Underrated Groudon Counter?

The New Jump-Start Research Is A Must Do For Everyone Who Is Not Level 40.

I'm currently level 39, trying to get my account to the maximum level of 40 and its a real hard slog to get there. 5,000,000 XP from 39 to 40 alone. From level 1 to 40 it takes 20,000,000 XP , meaning the journey from 39 to 40 takes up one quarter of the total … Continue reading The New Jump-Start Research Is A Must Do For Everyone Who Is Not Level 40.

Deoxys Speed Forme : A Raid Guide

Source:Bulbapedia The final Deoxys Forme to be released, Deoxys Speed Forme is meant to be a speed demon but in Pokemon Go, the Speed stat doesn't exist so that role isn't available for it. Which means its not really anything. Its not the glass cannon that Deoxys Normal and Attack Forme are and it isn't … Continue reading Deoxys Speed Forme : A Raid Guide

British Invasion: Alolan Golem

Personally I don't like the 7km eggs you get from gifts. They take a long time to hatch without using one of the super incubators and often give the same old, unimpressive Pokemon like Alolan Meowth and Alolan Grimer. You could only hatch them so many times before regretting you even have one in your … Continue reading British Invasion: Alolan Golem