Rousing Regigigas: A Raid Guide

Source:Bulbapedia Regigigas is supposed to be the master of the Regi Trio. You know, those 3 guys you were so pissed at having to catch because they were basically awful in offense and non-existent in defence because legendaries can't be defenders. The good news is that you Regigigas has a much better offensive output than … Continue reading Rousing Regigigas: A Raid Guide


Deoxys Attack Forme : A Raid Guide

Source: Bulbapedia Deoxys is a Pokemon of extremes. Its 4 formes excel in one or two stats while being terrible in the rest. The Normal Forme of Deoxys was the defintion of a glass cannon, having extremely high attack at the expense of its abysmal defence. Attack Forme Deoxys goes one step further by increasing … Continue reading Deoxys Attack Forme : A Raid Guide

Understanding Uxie : A Raid Guide

Source:Bulbapedia Uxie is the opposite of Azelf, focusing on defence when Azelf was the attack guy and Mesprit was the middle ground. However this makes it much closer to Cresselia than even Mesprit and I believe it's going to be the least popular of the Lake Guardians. Focusing on defence as a legendary isn't viable … Continue reading Understanding Uxie : A Raid Guide

Humbling Heatran: A Raid Guide

Source: Bulbapedia Okay, who is planning the legendary releases over at Niantic? We've had Giratina, then Cresselia, now its Heatran. I thought we were getting the Lake Guardians because they featured on the Christmas banner but no, we cut straight to Heatran. I'm having mixed feelings about seeing this guy, and not because he just … Continue reading Humbling Heatran: A Raid Guide

Mesmering Mesprit: A Raid Guide

Source: Bulbapedia Note: This guide was written before the release of Azelf, the guide will be updated if deemed necessary. Mesprit isn't going to be a heavy hitter like Azelf , its probably closer to Cresselia in terms of viabiltiy. Its one you would catch and store in your bag until you trade it for … Continue reading Mesmering Mesprit: A Raid Guide

The Dream Demon: A Raid Guide To Darkrai

Source:Bulbapedia Note: This guide was written prior to Darkrai's release. If any changes are made to it when it is released, the guide will be updated accordingly. Darkrai is the Pokemon that dethrones Tyranitar as best Dark attacker in the game. Its basically a less bulky dark version of Mewtwo, the EX raid version of … Continue reading The Dream Demon: A Raid Guide To Darkrai