Krushing Kyogre: A Raid Guide

Source : Bulbapedia Yes, I know crush is spelled with a C and not with a K. Now, back to the guide. Kyogre is without question, the best water type ever released in the game. The only Pokemon which could surpass it would be its own Primal form which remains at least two years away … Continue reading Krushing Kyogre: A Raid Guide


Rousing Regigigas: A Raid Guide

Source:Bulbapedia Regigigas is supposed to be the master of the Regi Trio. You know, those 3 guys you were so pissed at having to catch because they were basically awful in offense and non-existent in defence because legendaries can't be defenders. The good news is that you Regigigas has a much better offensive output than … Continue reading Rousing Regigigas: A Raid Guide

Rhydon: Underrated Ground Type?

Generation 4 brought with it new evolutions for Pokemon from Generation 1 and 2, upgrades to previous forms that were either basics or only had a first stage evolution. Rhydon got an evolution which turned it from a bipedal rhino into a bipedal rock monster that looks like a rhino. Part of the upgrade came … Continue reading Rhydon: Underrated Ground Type?

Deoxys Attack Forme : A Raid Guide

Source: Bulbapedia Deoxys is a Pokemon of extremes. Its 4 formes excel in one or two stats while being terrible in the rest. The Normal Forme of Deoxys was the defintion of a glass cannon, having extremely high attack at the expense of its abysmal defence. Attack Forme Deoxys goes one step further by increasing … Continue reading Deoxys Attack Forme : A Raid Guide

Understanding Uxie : A Raid Guide

Source:Bulbapedia Uxie is the opposite of Azelf, focusing on defence when Azelf was the attack guy and Mesprit was the middle ground. However this makes it much closer to Cresselia than even Mesprit and I believe it's going to be the least popular of the Lake Guardians. Focusing on defence as a legendary isn't viable … Continue reading Understanding Uxie : A Raid Guide