Blaziken: How Good Is It After Community Day?

Source: Bulbapedia Blaziken was unique among all the featured Community Day Pokemon in that it received 2 unique moves for that day. One of those moves was Blast Burn, common to all of the Fire starter Pokemon who have received a Community Day so far. The other was Blaze Kick, a move that in the … Continue reading Blaziken: How Good Is It After Community Day?


Rampardos: The New King of Rock

Source:Bulbapedia Move over Tyranitar, you're no longer the best Rock type in the game. Standing proudly at the top even without a Rock fast move, it only got better with its own Community Day exclusive fast move Smack Down. Now it could hit those Pokemon weak to it with a pure Rock moveset. It was … Continue reading Rampardos: The New King of Rock

Rhydon: Underrated Ground Type?

Generation 4 brought with it new evolutions for Pokemon from Generation 1 and 2, upgrades to previous forms that were either basics or only had a first stage evolution. Rhydon got an evolution which turned it from a bipedal rhino into a bipedal rock monster that looks like a rhino. Part of the upgrade came … Continue reading Rhydon: Underrated Ground Type?