Mamoswine: The New Ice King?

Source: Bulbapedia With the recent annoucement of Swinub being then next featured Pokemon for Community Day,its time to take a closer look at the new Sinnoh Pokemon that's going to make its debut next month. You can read more about the Community Day annoucement here. Mamoswine is the final evolution in the Swinub line, evolving … Continue reading Mamoswine: The New Ice King?


Swinub Day is Coming!

Source: Pokemon Go Mark your calendar because February 2019's Community Day has been revealed! While most of us were expecting a Hoenn Pokemon like Bagon, Slakoth or Ralts, Niantic have sprung a surprise by going for Swinub. Its the first Pokemon to not be a starter or in the 10km egg group to get its … Continue reading Swinub Day is Coming!

Niantic’s Disappearing Account Problem?

This morning, I noticed a rather disturbing reddit thread about Pokemon Go. It wasn't a rant thread or anything like that, although I wish it was. Instead, it was about the issue of disappearing accounts. Accounts which players reported as being gone. Not banned or locked out, just gone. You can read about it in … Continue reading Niantic’s Disappearing Account Problem?

Hoenn Event is Here! My Thoughts On It.

Source: Pokemon Go Update: It seems that Shiny Groudon is available in the event starting tomorrow. Article has been updated to reflect this. Just like last year, we're getting a big Hoenn event for the rest of month along with filler legendary raids in the return of Kyogre and Groudon. Best part is Shiny Groudon … Continue reading Hoenn Event is Here! My Thoughts On It.