The Raid Queen: Slowbro

I am the type of person who would prefer to spend his raid passes on level 5 raids. I'm not level 40 yet so every experience point counts towards getting to level 40. I'm not a particularly efficient player when it comes to this but as a general rule I do level 5 raids for … Continue reading The Raid Queen: Slowbro


British Invasion: Alolan Golem

Personally I don't like the 7km eggs you get from gifts. They take a long time to hatch without using one of the super incubators and often give the same old, unimpressive Pokemon like Alolan Meowth and Alolan Grimer. You could only hatch them so many times before regretting you even have one in your … Continue reading British Invasion: Alolan Golem

Blaziken: How Good Is It After Community Day?

Source: Bulbapedia Blaziken was unique among all the featured Community Day Pokemon in that it received 2 unique moves for that day. One of those moves was Blast Burn, common to all of the Fire starter Pokemon who have received a Community Day so far. The other was Blaze Kick, a move that in the … Continue reading Blaziken: How Good Is It After Community Day?

The Lake Guardians Make Their Debut!

After appearing in the new loading screen background for the new year, the Lake Guardian trio of Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf finally make their debut! The trio were initially teased over the last 3 days with reports of them being sighted in the wild, the first time a legendary Pokemon has ever spawned in the … Continue reading The Lake Guardians Make Their Debut!

May and June Bring Much Improved 7th Day Rewards!

After two months of the same 8 Pokemon from Research Encounters, we're getting a much better set of Pokemon you may encounter on your 7th day Field Research Encounter! You get these by collecting stamps, 1 a day for completing Field Research Tasks. This is only handed out for the first task completed in a … Continue reading May and June Bring Much Improved 7th Day Rewards!

Deoxys Normal Forme: A Raid Guide

Source:Bulbapedia Deoxys Normal Forme is a lot like its Attack Forme, high offence and low defences. It has the second highest Attack in the game with 345. 115 defence and 137 stamina make it a glass cannon. Is Normal Forme usable? Yes but you can definitely do better when it comes to Psychic types. Its … Continue reading Deoxys Normal Forme: A Raid Guide