Reshiram: A Raid Guide

Source:Bulbapedia Moltres had a good run as the best Fire type legendary for a long time since its introduction in 2017. It survived 4 generations as the best but Generation 5 sees Moltres relinquish its flaming crown to Reshiram, an awesome Dragon/Fire legendary that everyone should have as many as they can get their hands … Continue reading Reshiram: A Raid Guide


Zekrom : A Raid Guide

Source:Bulbapedia The legendary mascot for the Nintendo game Pokemon White Zekrom will be the best Electric legendary and overall best Electric type Pokemon for at least one to two generations. The days of Raikou being the best Electric type ended with Electivire's introduction into the game and while it gets pushed back a little more … Continue reading Zekrom : A Raid Guide

Yes, Crabhammer Kingler Is Really Good But How Good Is It?

Source: Bulbapedia Currently we're having the annual Water Pokemon Festival which sees increased spawns of Water types, the debut of Shiny Barboach and Carvanha for a whole week. Last year we got the release of Shiny Kyogre for the duration of the event. This time we're seeing the return of the Lake Guardians Uxie,Azelf and … Continue reading Yes, Crabhammer Kingler Is Really Good But How Good Is It?

Predicting The Remaining Community Day Pokemon For 2019

Another Community Day come and gone, and we're all eagerly anticipating the next one. If we're following the trend Niantic has set since Community Day was introduced in 2018, we see a clear pattern emerge. Below you'll see the list of Pokemon who have had a Community Day along with the type of the Pokemon. … Continue reading Predicting The Remaining Community Day Pokemon For 2019

Attacking Armoured Mewtwo: A Raid Guide

Source: Gamepress Armoured Mewtwo is a reference to the Pokemon anime series where it was used by Team Rocket leader Giovanni during his Gym battles. Mewtwo would be wearing armour, presumably used to control him. Unfortunately for Giovanni, Mewtwo would later escape, depriving him of one of the most powerful Pokemon to ever exist. Also … Continue reading Attacking Armoured Mewtwo: A Raid Guide

Alolan Exeggutor: Underrated Groudon Counter?

Source: Bulbapedia By the time you read this, Groudon will have left us with Armoured Mewtwo replacing it in tier 5 raid battles. Groudon still the best Ground type around so I imagine a lot of trainers tried to get as many they could, even if they had already caught a Shiny Groudon. It's a … Continue reading Alolan Exeggutor: Underrated Groudon Counter?