Terrakion : A Raid Guide



The best Fighting type is not Terrakion. If it had a Fighting fast move it might actually take the title from Machamp. However it doesn’t get one thus Machamp gets a stay of execution. As a rock type? Terrakion is really good! How good? Second only to Rampardos. If it had a higher attack stat it could challenge for the top spot among Rock types. Don’t take this to mean Terrakion is terrible, it’s far from it.

With an attack stat of 260, 192 defence and 209 stamina, it has the right balance of defence and attack to be a lethal attacker. Rock/Fighting has a record 7 weaknesses, a number shared by 5 other type combinations. Despite that defensive weakness, Rock/Fighting has great STAB coverage, hitting 8 types for super effective STAB damage. Terrakion is a great Pokemon to have. Get out and get as many as you can.



Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Fire Fighting Ghost
Poison Ground Electric
Rock Grass Flying
Bug Fairy Dragon
Dark Steel Ice
Water Normal

7 weaknesses gives you, the attacker ample room to take a swing. You have plenty to choose from, the only thing you need to worry about is picking a Pokemon that gets hurt really badly by one of Terrakion’s charge moves.


Fast Move Type Power
Smack Down Rock 16
Zen Headbutt Psychic 12

Zen Headbutt does counter Terrakion’s weakness to Fighting rather nicely, quickly whittling down most Fighting types than Smack Down would. However if you’re using Terrakion, Smack Down is much better and the move you want it to be using. It’s a move only 3 Pokemon are privileged to have so be thankful Terrakion is fortunate enough to get it.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Close Combat Fighting 100 1
Earthquake Ground 120 1
Rock Slide Rock 80 2

Earthquake is mostly wasted other than a move to make the likes of Metagross think twice before showing up. Close Combat is decent but the piece de resistance is Rock Slide. Pair it with Smack Down and you have the moveset that got Terrakion its second place finish in the best Rock type catergory.

Assembling The Team

7 weaknesses so you got plenty of Pokemon to choose from. Below you’ll find a selection of Pokemon that are great counters but just because a Pokemon isn’t below, doesn’t mean it’s bad. There are really too many good counters for Terrakion.




Most of you should have a Mewtwo, one of the most lethal legendaries in the game. It’s been an EX raid boss for many months in 2018, then a raid boss and it recently came back in 2019 as a raid boss and EX raid boss again to give you a chance at catching a Shiny Mewtwo.

Mewtwo’s Psychic moves are the best against Terrakion, offering STAB and super effective damage. Confusion for fast move and for its charge move, go for Psystrike. If you messed out on a Psystrike Mewtwo then pick any pair of Psychic moves.




If you don’t have Meteor Mash Metagross, skip ahead. If you plan on getting one or you already have one, read on. Metagross’ Steel/Psychic type resists every move Terrakion can throw at it, with the exception of Earthquake. Earthquake will go through your Metagross rather easily and probably knock it out in one hit. So if you’re sure Terrakion is not going to use Earthquake, use your Metor Mash Metagross.




It’s odd for me to recommend Kingler but here we are. Ordinarily, Kingler’s status as a glass cannon and terrible movesets would prevent that but Niantic gave it its signature move Crabhammer. After that it became a glass cannon with one amazing move, shooting it up the charts.

Krabbys are also very common, available all season and costing a mere 50 candies to evolve, a Crabhammer Kingler is lethal. It won’t last long against Terrakion because it has paper defences but it’ll do a lot in its brief time in the raid.

Honorable Mention



Breloom is like Kingler, a glass cannon. It deals a lot of damage but can take only a little before it faints. Its Grass/Fighting grants it STAB super effective moves regardless of whether you choose Grass or Fighting moves. In its case I suggest Counter and Grass Knot. If you don’t have that move set or you can’t get it, any combination of Grass and/or Fighting moves work.


Terrakion is not difficult to take down thanks to its 7 weaknesses, meaning you’ll most likely have a Pokemon that is super effective against it. It’s a fantastic addition to your team so don’t hesitate to chase it down, even spending premium passes if you want to go the extra mile.

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