Zekrom : A Raid Guide



The legendary mascot for the Nintendo game Pokemon White Zekrom will be the best Electric legendary and overall best Electric type Pokemon for at least one to two generations. The days of Raikou being the best Electric type ended with Electivire’s introduction into the game and while it gets pushed back a little more with Zekrom coming in, that doesn’t make it terrible. It’s more due to how good Zekrom is.

It has a max CP of 4038 with a great 275 in attack and decent 211 defence and 205 stamina. As a Dragon/Electric type, it has a fairly good typing and it gets a diverse move pool that makes it difficult to predict as a raid boss but also good enough for you to use it when you eventually get your hands on it.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Electric Ground Rock
Water Ice Normal
Fire Fairy Poison
Grass Dragon Ghost
Steel Dark
Flying Bug

Dragon/Electric comes with a fairly hefty 6 resistances and one double resistance to Electric moves. Fortunately the two types don’t cancel each other out when it comes to weaknesses with 4 weaknesses that are fairly standard for a Dragon or Electric Pokemon.


Fast Move Type Power
Charge Beam Electric 8
Dragon Breath Dragon 6

Dragon Breath is going to pose problems for your Dragon types if you bring them to the raid. Charge Beam is the inferior move of the two and it would be the one you prefer to face. As for using Zekrom, if you want a more general attacker that you could use for many different types of battles you’d go with Dragon Breath but if you want an Electric attacker you don’t really have a choice so you will have to use Charge Beam.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Crunch Dark 70 3
Flash Cannon Steel 100 1
Outrage Dragon 110 2
Wild Charge Electric 90 2

Crunch is a really good move but wasted on Zekrom as a Pokemon you would use. As a raid boss it would make Zekrom incredibly annoying to face with its low charge time. Flash Cannon is going to make life difficult for the Ice types you brought to the raid but shouldn’t be on a Zekrom you are using. Outrage is an excellent Dragon move and will cause a lot of problems for your team if they don’t resist Dragon moves. If you use Zekrom as a general attacker then pair Outrage with Dragon Breath.

Wild Charge is the absolute best of the bunch and redeems Charge Beam. It makes Zekrom an absolute beast of an Electric type unlike how Groudon is hindered by Earthquake as its Ground charge move.

Assembling The Team

What you’ll use to face Zekrom is going to be decided also on what moves it will use but generally speaking the Pokemon you will want to use will be Fairy, Dragon, Ground and Ice using the moves of their own type. This is to ensure they get the STAB bonus which grants more damage done to the opponent. All of the recommended Pokemon below are based on current availability.

If the Pokemon has already been released then it’s eligible for me to suggest using it. Some of them may not be currently available like in the case of certain legendary Pokemon but some of you will have at least a few of them to use, like in the case of Groudon. In that case I’d recommend it if I believe it is good enough.




This generation 4 Dragon/Ground type is one of the best counters to Zekrom. You just got to watch out for Outrage, that will faint your Garchomp very easily. The perfect moveset for Garchomp to counter would Charge Beam and Wild Charge thanks to a double resistance that means it takes about 24.4% of the damage an Electric move would normally deal. That means you’ll save a lot on revives and potions. Don’t be too worried if Zekrom is using Dragon Breath, you’ll still be reasonably durable. You can tell based on how quickly Zekrom is depleting your health bar. If it’s going down fast then it’s Dragon Breath.

For Garchomp’s moves, the best pairing would be Dragon Tail and Outrage.




Dialga, thanks to its Dragon/Steel typing does not need to worry about Outrage as much as Garchomp because Steel cancels out Dragon’s weakness to itself. All in all, that’s great. It’s also resistant to Electric moves owing to it’s dragon typing. The only move it does not resist is Crunch but you don’t have to worry too much about it. Either way you don’t have to be to concerned about taking super effective damage from Zekrom because it can’t do that to Dialga.





Rayquaza may not be number one anymore but its still a pretty fine attacker. Against Zekrom be wary of Outrage but that’s about it, the other moves you’ll come up against will at worst do neutral damage to you. You can expect to do a lot of damage against Zekrom for however long Rayquaza remains on the field, provided you use Dragon Tail and Outrage.

Honorable Mention



Instead of just recommending Dragon types, I thought I’d go a little further down the list of good counters to Zekrom to Generation 4’s best Ice type Mamoswine. It’ll probably lose the title to Kyurem’s Black and White Formes but until then, it’s still the coolest Pokemon around.

With Mamoswine you get a high resistance to Zekrom’s Electric moves but be careful of Flash Cannon because Mamoswine is weak to Steel moves. For Mamoswine’s own moves, you should go with Powder Snow and Avalanche.


Zekrom is going to be one amazing legendary to own and you should get one to use, either as a dragon or Electric type. Personally I’m going to use it as an Electric type so that I’ll have something great to counter Water types.

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