Yes, Crabhammer Kingler Is Really Good But How Good Is It?


Source: Bulbapedia

Currently we’re having the annual Water Pokemon Festival which sees increased spawns of Water types, the debut of Shiny Barboach and Carvanha for a whole week. Last year we got the release of Shiny Kyogre for the duration of the event. This time we’re seeing the return of the Lake Guardians Uxie,Azelf and Mesprit during the weekly evening raid hour. As before, the Lake Guardian you’ll see pop up at 6pm local time will be tied to the same region it appeared a few months ago. Finally, Kingler and Crawdaunt both received the move Crabhammer, their signature move.

That’s led to claims that Kingler is now really good, exceeding the likes of Gyarados and Kyogre. Previously Kingler was pushed to the bottom of the pile when it came to Water Pokemon. The likes of Gyarados, Vaporeon and Lapras were miles ahead and when Kyogre came out, it pretty much killed off what little chance Kingler had. It continued to be overtaken by Water starters with Hydrocannon and legendaries like Palkia who were simply better. That was until Crabhammer came. Kingler’s now being hyped up as one of the great Water Pokemon.

Is it though? Is it great? First, lets take a look at Crabhammer is. It’s a 2 bar Water type Charge move with 85 power. 85 is pretty good, and 2 bars means you’ll effectively fire off a 170 power one bar Charge move by the time your opponent has managed to use his one bar Charge move.Overall, that’s a strong move right there and Kingler has an attack stat of 240 which is one of the highest in the game. It’s higher than Machamp, which has been the best Fighting type in the game for some time. Pairing that with Crabhammer, how does it compare to its Water type counterparts?


Pretty great actually. It now has the highest DPS in the entire game among Pokemon using a pure Water move set. It even outranks Kyogre and every Water Starter Pokemon using Hydro Cannon! That’s frankly amazing, and makes Kingler a viable Pokemon to use in battle, be it against raid bosses or other trainers.

Now there is a downside to Kingler and that is the terribly low stamina at 146. It’s defence stat of 181 is decent but it doesn’t cover for its stamina. It won’t be able to take a lot of hits, meaning it won’t be around for long in a raid. It’s TDO or total damage output isn’t in the top 10 of Water Pokemon but it still makes it into the top 20.


Overall, Kingler is the third best Water type when its using Crabhammer and Bubble. It’s only beaten by Kyogre and Hydro Cannon Swampert. That’s still a mighty achievement but does that mean you shouldn’t power up Kingler?

The upside of Kingler with Crabhammer is that for now it’s going to be available outside of raids and Community events. Kyogre is currently only available as a field research encounter every 7 days while Water types using Hydro Cannon are only available during Community Day. Kingler is available all year round and its much easier to get candy for it so you can power it up. With the current water festival Krabbys and Kinglers are going to be even easier to find. So for me, Kingler is a great option if you’re relatively new and you missed out on getting Kyogre or those Hydro Cannon using Water Pokemon then go for Kingler. It’s also cheaper to evolve than the 125 candies you’d need to get a Pokemon like Swampert to use Hydro Cannon. on the overall TDO and DPS list, Kingler costs 50 candies to evolve from Krabby.Only Vaporeon is cheaper at 25 candies but comes with a random element since the Eevee you’ll get isn’t guaranteed to evolve into the Pokemon you want it to.

If you’re not new to the game and you have the likes of Swampert or Feraligatr with Hydro Cannon or Kyogre, you can probably stick to powering them up over Kingler. It’s really a matter of getting the candies you want and if you’re willing to spend rare candies on your Kyogre then that’s what you should power up over Kingler. Save the candies for Kyogre because it’s still to me, the better Pokemon when all things are considered. Kingler could be evolved from Krabby and then given Crabhammer if you’re in a hurry and need to fill a slot on the team. Perhaps you didn’t have enough strong Water types and need a last minute guy to plug the gap until you’ve powered up your next Kyogre or Swampert then do use Kingler.

Kingler is now in a position I didn’t think it would be. I honestly didn’t expect to even say it could outdamage Kyogre or even the likes of Feraligatr or Swampert. Kingler is now closer to a glass cannon like Gengar than forgotten trash like Golduck. It’s going to be a great addition to your team if you choose to get one with Crabhammer.



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