Appraising The New Appraisal System.

Part of the latest update Pokemon Go brings an update to the appraisal system, where the game lets you know the IV of the Pokemon you’ve caught. It was a great update when trainers were reliant on third party apps and websites to get their IV appraisals done but the in-game appraisals did have some flaws.

The first was that it told you the IV range of your Pokemon along with which stat(s) was the highest of the three. If there was a tie for highest stat then both or even all three would be listed along with the size and weight of the Pokemon if it was exceptionally large or small.

However there were still problems. One, the words used differed from team to team and most people I encountered didn’t bother with the word appraisal. It was too complicated to understand so they didn’t bother with it.  If it was a raid boss they could rely on one of the many info-graphics that were shared on social media to tell them what CP would give them 100% IV.

The new system removes a lot of the confusion. No more words, just a little chart with stars to tell you what the IV is.


It also lists the date and location you caught it. Each stat is represented by one bar broken up into three segments representing five out of fifteen IV points. The grey areas are simply empty spots if your Pokemon doesn’t have an IV value of fifteen, the maximum possible value for any IV. The number of stars assigned covers a range of values and you can have zero stars up to about three stars. Three stars covers an IV range of 82.2% to 100%. Two stars would be from 66.7% to 80.0%. One star would be from 51.1% to 64.4%. Zero stars covers 0.0% to 48.9%. If you’re wondering why there appears to be gaps, its because each IV point corresponds to approximately 2.2%.

If you don’t like percentages, I can list it as a part of forty five IV points, the maximum possible IV value which corresponds to a hundred IV or hundo for short. 37/45 to 45/45 gives you a three star value. 30/45 to 36/45 will give you a two star value. 23/45 to 29/45 is a one star value. 0/45 to 22/45 gives you a zero star value.

Overall this is a much simpler and easier method of knowing what IV your Pokemon are.It might be a little jarring at first, working out the exact IV but one can do so with more certainty than under the old system where you knew minimum IV value and if that wasn’t 45/45 then you’d be left with a range of possible values. You’d also need to know the exact phrasing for the highest IV stats to narrow that down even further. If you wanted to know for sure you’d have to consult a third party website or app for the precise values.

The only downside I’ve encountered is you realise how awful a lot of the Pokemon you catch really are. I saw so many Pokemon on Community Day with at least one zero in a stat that it makes me wonder how Niantic really selects the IV of each Pokemon that spawns. Kind of makes me appreciate how much more I appreciate getting high IV Pokemon. Its not the fault of the appraisal system so it isn’t a black mark against it, just an opening of your eyes to the average IV of the Pokemon you encounter.





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