Attacking Armoured Mewtwo: A Raid Guide

Source: Gamepress

Armoured Mewtwo is a reference to the Pokemon anime series where it was used by Team Rocket leader Giovanni during his Gym battles. Mewtwo would be wearing armour, presumably used to control him. Unfortunately for Giovanni, Mewtwo would later escape, depriving him of one of the most powerful Pokemon to ever exist.

Also unfortunate is that Armoured Mewtwo is nowhere near as great as regular Mewtwo. Wearing the armour has dampened his Attack, clocking in at a measly 182. The armour does boost his defence which is a rather impressive 278 with his HP of 214 remaining unchanged. In contrast regular Mewtwo has 300 attack with 182 defence and the same HP as its armoured variant. It has a monstrous attack stat and decent defences.

Armoured Mewtwo doesn’t even get the moveset regular Mewtwo has, making it very much an inferior version of Mewtwo. At least the two use the same candies so if you ever need to power up your regular Mewtwo, you can use the candies you get from Armoured Mewtwo to do so.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Psychic Ghost Ground
Fighting Dark Steel
Bug Rock

Standard pure Psychic type, you’ll need the usual Dark,Bug and Ghost types to take down Armoured Mewtwo. Avoid using Psychic and Fighting moves on it.


Fast Move Type Power
Confusion Psychic 20
Iron Tail Steel 15

Confusion is going to be the move that deals the most damage before taking into account type effectiveness, since it has higher power and it gets STAB.Iron Tail does less damage unless we’re talking about a particular Dark/Rock or Dark/Ice type Pokemon people love to use.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Dynamic Punch Fighting 90 2
Earthquake Ground 120 1
Future Sight Psychic 120 1
Rock Slide Rock 80 2

This is a rather interesting set of moves to consider. Its almost as if Niantic chose them to counter popular Pokemon used to fight Psychic legendaries like Mewtwo. Earthquake, Rock Slide and Dynamic Punch really put the hurt on those particular Dark/Rock and Dark/Ice Pokemon I mentioned. So be careful of what you bring to fight Armoured Mewtwo. It could knock out your Pokemon with just 1 Charge Move.

Assembling The Team

Even with the moves above, you should still consider using Dark types. There are some great Dark types there which can be utilized very well if Mewtwo isn’t throwing dynamic punches at them.

1:Giratina (Origin Forme)

Origin Forme


Giratina’s Origin Forme has the offensive power required to do the damage against Armoured Mewtwo. It also resists Fighting moves like Dynamic Punch while not being weak to anything that Armoured Mewtwo has to offer. Use Ghost moves to do the most damage. The best move set would be Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball. Failing that, any pair of Ghost moves will suffice.




If you started playing in 2019 or after Mewtwo ceased to be an EX Raid legendary, you shouldn’t use Mewtwo. Why? Because you definitely don’t have a Mewtwo with Shadow Ball, the best Charge Move Mewtwo can use. Its now a legacy move and that means if it didn’t know Shadow Ball its not going to learn until Niantic puts the move back into the move pool.

If you do have a Mewtwo that knows Shadow Ball, don’t use it. But if you do, its a really good option because it has one of the highest attack in the game and Shadow Ball is the best Ghost Charge Move in the game.

For Fast Move, you can go with Confusion since it does more damage.




The glass cannon of Ghost types, Gengar is a great option but watch out for Future Sight and Earthquake. Gengar’s Ghost/Poison typing leaves it vulnerable to Ground and Psychic moves. However, Ghost/Poison also grants double resistance to Fighting so if you’re up against a Dynamic Punch wielding Mewtwo then its going to be a lot more durable. For moves, Gengar has a lot of Ghost moves to use but I think the best ones would be Lick and Shadow Ball. If you can’t get either move, any Ghost move will work.

Honorable Mention



It is not the best option for Armoured Mewtwo since it’ll probably go down in one hit to Earthquake and definitely be knocked out when Dynamic Punch lands. Plus Iron Tail as Fast Move also tears chunks out of it. However if you really need to use it because you have nothing else to use then by all means use Tyranitar. It should have the move set of Bite and Crunch.


Armoured Mewtwo is best caught so you can have more candies for your regular Mewtwos. Its not worth much in terms of battling but maybe it’ll receive an upgrade in the future. For now just do raids to get the items, XP and the candies you can use to improve more Pokemon.


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