The New Jump-Start Research Is A Must Do For Everyone Who Is Not Level 40.

I’m currently level 39, trying to get my account to the maximum level of 40 and its a real hard slog to get there. 5,000,000 XP from 39 to 40 alone. From level 1 to 40 it takes 20,000,000 XP , meaning the journey from 39 to 40 takes up one quarter of the total XP needed! I’ve been trying to get there using the Best Friends feature, since you get 100,000 XP for achieving this status with another trainer account. 200,000 XP if you use the Lucky Egg to double the XP gained. It takes roughly 90 days of continuously increasing Friendship Level to get there so that in itself is pretty slow; and to rely solely on this would require to be Best Friends with 25 people. Doable if you religiously open gifts from them, raid with them and they match your level of intensity. If you and your friends aren’t up for that, then you might want to take a look at the new Jump-Start Research Niantic just released. It was likely intended for new players but the rewards are fantastic for anyone who still has levels to gain or wants to create a new account.

The image below was made by LeekDuck and just note that there’s a time limit on this, you have to finish it by 2nd September 2019 or you won’t be able to get all of the rewards.


The main things I want to draw your attention to are the research tasks which award XP for completing them and the Lucky Egg rewards. The total XP you can get from this, if you complete all 6 stages is a mind boggling 405,000 XP. If you use a Lucky Egg, that doubles the XP you gain and it you get 810,000 XP. That’s enough XP to get you from Level 1 to Level 25 in one go! You get to bypass the first 20 levels which are arguably the beginner levels. Most players in their 20s should be able to hit at least level 30 with this XP, which is where the real game begins because at level 30 you’ll be able to encounter the highest level CP Pokemon available in the wild without weather boosts. These Pokemon might even be strong enough to do level 5 raids without needing power ups.

If you already have some levels on you, its enough to get you up to level up at least one level until about level 34 where it takes 1,000,000 XP to get to Level 35. However that’s still 81% of the XP you need. Even as a level 39 player, 810,000 XP is almost a sixth of the 5,000,000 XP I need to hit level 40. Its 81 level 5 raids and I’m not the type of guy who likes to spend on Premium Raid Passes. I prefer to save them for when they release legendaries with a chance at a Shiny version like the current Groudon raids.

You don’t even need to invest a lot into Lucky Eggs because the rewards will dispense 12 Lucky Eggs for you in case you aren’t able to complete the whole thing in 30 minutes; which is I assume most people who don’t want to rush or the circumstances don’t allow them to do so. Which isn’t an issue since the bulk of the XP comes from Stage 5 and Stage 6 which you can probably easily complete in record time. You already get enough Dratini candies to evolve any Dragonair to Dragonite, level 3 and higher raids aren’t difficult to find right now. People will generally do level 5 raids so it shouldn’t be an issue gathering enough people to take down the legendary of the day.

Making a new friend isn’t hard, there are Facebook Groups and Discord servers where people will post their Friend Codes for you to add and make friends with.  All of the tasks don’t require much to complete, just find the right people for the case of trading and battling when needed. Some of it is even handed to you,like needing to take a snapshot of Eevee in Stage 5 and they give you a guaranteed Shiny Eevee for completing Stage 4. Keep the Dratini you get as a reward and you’ll have an easy time doing those.

So in short, just do the Jump-Start Research, it’s one of the best updates by Niantic and the XP on hand is practically free given they’re literally handing you all the items you need to get it. If you’re not level 40, then you’ll want to do this ASAP. Just remember to use Lucky Eggs before claiming the XP.




One thought on “The New Jump-Start Research Is A Must Do For Everyone Who Is Not Level 40.

  1. I am nowhere near your Level 39, so I really appreciate your tips on increasing my levels. A big Thank You!


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