Deoxys Speed Forme : A Raid Guide

Speed Forme


The final Deoxys Forme to be released, Deoxys Speed Forme is meant to be a speed demon but in Pokemon Go, the Speed stat doesn’t exist so that role isn’t available for it. Which means its not really anything. Its not the glass cannon that Deoxys Normal and Attack Forme are and it isn’t the tank that Defense Forme is. It’s kind of meh, it doesn’t stand out. Its okay. I hear even Defense Forme excels in PvP but Speed Forme, with 230 Attack, 218 Defence and 137 Stamina isn’t going to be great at anything. At least it won’t inspire hair pulling if you bring it to a raid, not to the same extent as Defense Forme anyway.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Psychic Ghost Ground
Fighting Dark Steel
Bug Rock

It’s a pure Psychic type so its weaknesses and resistances are fairly obvious. Dark, Bug and Ghost are the best counters to Deoxys, I personally prefer to use Dark types because they resist Psychic moves and there are some amazing Dark types out there who are at the top of the game when it comes to dishing out damage.


Fast Move Type Power
Charge Beam Electric 8
Zen Headbutt Psychic 12

With STAB and higher power, Zen Headbutt is the superior Fast move. If you want to use Speed Forme then choose Zen Headbutt. Charge Beam is mediocre on it and shouldn’t be used.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Psycho Boost Psychic 70 2
Thunderbolt Electric 80 2
Swift Normal 60 2
Zap Cannon Electric 140 1

Thunderbolt, not Psycho Boost is the best Charge Move available to you. Its a 2 bar move which means you’ll be firing it off more often than Zap Cannon. Plus your rate of damage will be much higher than Zap Cannon or any of the other Charge Moves on offer. Don’t even bother with Swift.

Assembling The Team

Ghost, Dark and Bug work best but I personally prefer Dark types because there are some really strong ones which are excellent counters to Deoxys.




Good old Tyranitar, a great counter to every Psychic Legendary that shows up as a raid boss. Most trainers will have a few on hand and if you don’t, maybe check to see if you can catch it as a raid boss if it’s around. If it’s not, try to hunt or hatch a good IV Tyranitar. The best moves would be Bite and Crunch. It also resists Deoxys’ Psychic and Normal moves so your Tyranitars ought to last pretty long.

2:Giratina Origin Forme

Origin Forme


Be very careful of which Giratina you select. The Origin Forme looks like the image above, so don’t pick the Altered Forme to go and fight Deoxys. That one hits like a pillow while the former hits like a brick.

Origin Forme resists Deoxys’ Swift, Zap Cannon and Thunderbolt as well as Charge Beam so like Tyranitar, it’ll be hanging in there for most of the fight while it dishes out some serious damage. For its moves,choose Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball but if you aren’t willing to spend the TMs then any set of Ghost moves will do.




The OG Ghost proves to be a great counter to Deoxys. Just be careful, Gengar is Ghost/Poison and Deoxys’ Psychic moves will wear it down rather quickly. With that said, you’ll still have a great time wearing down Deoxys with it.

The best moves for Gengar would be Lick and Shadow Ball. Lick I believe is a legacy Fast move so if you can’t get that, go with Shadow Claw like what Giratina above has.

Honorable Mention



Mewtwo is one of the best attackers in the game, sporting high Attack stats, great moves and a decent defence that lets it hang around long enough to get things done. Against Deoxys you’ll want to use a Mewtwo with the Charge Move Shadow Ball. Its currently a legacy move but if Niantic ever releases Shadow Ball Mewtwo again, make sure you get your hands on one. For the Fast move,go with Confusion.


Deoxys Speed Forme is sadly at best a so-so attacker you can use if you have no one better to call upon and at worst, another Pokemon you catch to fill up your Pokedex.

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