Blaziken: How Good Is It After Community Day?


Source: Bulbapedia

Blaziken was unique among all the featured Community Day Pokemon in that it received 2 unique moves for that day. One of those moves was Blast Burn, common to all of the Fire starter Pokemon who have received a Community Day so far. The other was Blaze Kick, a move that in the core games was considered to be Blaziken’s Signature Move. In Generation 3 that was the case, until Generation 4 allowed Hitmonlee, Chimchar and Riolu to also learn those moves. The latter two could only learn via breeding, which is a topic for another day.

Lets take a look at the 2 moves to learn a bit more about them.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Blast Burn Fire 110 2
Blaze Kick Fire 45 3

Blast Burn is no stranger to experienced trainers, its been the move given to Fire Starter Pokemon like Charizard and Typhlosion. You can expect Fire Starters such as Infernape and Emboar to get it too. Blaze Kick on the other hand ought to remain unique to Blaziken, unless its given to Infernape as well. Below we see how the 2 moves fare compared to the other Charge Moves Blaziken gets.

Fast Move Charged Move DPS TDO DPS^3*TDO
Counter Blast Burn 17.505 388.5 2,083.80
Fire Spin Blast Burn 17.247 382.8 1,963.50
Counter Blaze Kick 16.417 364.3 1,612.20
Fire Spin Blaze Kick 16.084 357 1,485.20
Counter Overheat 15.981 354.7 1,447.50
Fire Spin Overheat 15.592 346 1,311.60
Counter Focus Blast 15.412 342 1,252.20
Fire Spin Focus Blast 15.007 333.1 1,125.70
Counter Stone Edge 13.737 304.9 790.3
Counter Brave Bird 13.526 300.2 742.8
Fire Spin Stone Edge 13.293 295 693
Fire Spin Brave Bird 13.069 290.1 647.5

Both moves are easily the best of any Charge Move Blaziken gets, Blast Burn is the best move while Blaze Kick is second best, regardless of which Fast Move Blaziken gets. Counter is the superior one but if you want a pure Fire attacker, you have to stick with Fire Spin.

If you have to choose which move to take, definitely Blast Burn. If you didn’t get enough Blazikens with Blast Burn, you could wait for December 2019 where Niantic ought to be bringing back all of the 2019 Community Day Pokemon for you to catch and evolve. Blaze Kick is nice to have,and in raids you’ll be able to fire off more of it than Blast Burn before Blaziken faints.

While all of this is good for a Blast Burn Blaziken, how does it stack up against the other Fire types? The table below show exactly that.

Pokemon Fast Move Charged Move DPS TDO DPS^3*TDO
Moltres Fire Spin Sky Attack 17.361 524.2 2,742.90
Moltres Ember Sky Attack 16.347 493.6 2,156.20
Moltres Fire Spin Overheat 16.273 491.4 2,117.70
Blaziken Counter Blast Burn 17.505 388.5 2,083.80
Entei Fire Spin Overheat 15.502 532.3 1,982.80
Blaziken Fire Spin Blast Burn 17.247 382.8 1,963.50
Entei Fire Fang Overheat 15.281 524.7 1,872.30
Heatran Fire Spin Iron Head 14.938 529.5 1,765
Heatran Fire Spin Fire Blast 14.931 529.2 1,761.50
Charizard Fire Spin Blast Burn 15.875 416.3 1,665.40
Entei Fire Spin Flamethrower 14.817 508.8 1,655.10

While Moltres is still top of the list,Blaziken with Blast Burn and Counter finishes 4th in move sets. Its better than Entei, Heatran and even Charizard with Blast Burn. If you want to use a Fire Starter, then that’s the best move set available. Fire and Fighting moves do overlap when it comes to super effective types, both being strong against Steel and Ice. If not you can use them as neutral attackers.

Fire Spin Blaziken with Blast Burn is still a great choice, 6th best move set if you want a pure Fire attacker. It only loses out to Moltres and Entei, while being superior to Charizard’s matching move set.

Blaziken Counter Blaze Kick 16.417 364.3 1,612.20 2,848
Moltres Ember Overheat 15.147 457.4 1,589.60 3,465
Charizard Wing Attack Blast Burn 15.642 410.2 1,570 2,889
Entei Fire Fang Flamethrower 14.596 501.1 1,558.20 3,473
Moltres Fire Spin Fire Blast 14.955 451.6 1,510.40 3,465
Blaziken Fire Spin Blaze Kick 16.084 357 1,485.20 2,848

Below the top 10, Blaziken surfaces again in the 11th and 16th position, with Counter and Blaze Kick doing better than Fire Spin and Blaze Kick. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you decide to use Blaziken as a Gym defender. Its not terrible but Blast Burn is far better.

In short, Blaziken is not just good, it’s excellent. Losing out to Moltres isn’t a bad thing, its been top dog since Generation 1 for Fire types. Being a non-legendary makes it easier to get candy to power it up so if you want a team of 6 Blazikens, you’ll have a much easier time doing so. If you didn’t get one with Blast Burn, wait for December or trade with someone to get it.

One thought on “Blaziken: How Good Is It After Community Day?

  1. I didn’t know dat Blaziken is so good. Still don’t have one yet but will definitely try harder to catch it. Thks!


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