May and June Bring Much Improved 7th Day Rewards!

After two months of the same 8 Pokemon from Research Encounters, we’re getting a much better set of Pokemon you may encounter on your 7th day Field Research Encounter! You get these by collecting stamps, 1 a day for completing Field Research Tasks. This is only handed out for the first task completed in a day.

For March and April, trainers had a chance to encounter the following Pokemon:

  1. Lugia
  2. Ho-oh
  3. Regirock
  4. Regice
  5. Registeel
  6. Suicune
  7. Raikou
  8. Entei

Not exactly a great list thanks to the 3 Regis and Suicune. However fear not, most of them are gone. Luiga and Ho-oh remain behind for another round while they are joined by Latias and Latios! All 4 of them have a chance of being Shiny when found so this ought to incentivise people to complete more tasks. You’ll have up to 8 chances to get a Shiny Pokemon from these 4, so the best of luck to you!


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