Deoxys Normal Forme: A Raid Guide

Normal Forme


Deoxys Normal Forme is a lot like its Attack Forme, high offence and low defences. It has the second highest Attack in the game with 345. 115 defence and 137 stamina make it a glass cannon.

Is Normal Forme usable? Yes but you can definitely do better when it comes to Psychic types. Its moveset is lacking, even if its monstrous Attack compensates for it. Just don’t expect it to last very long in battle.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Psychic Ghost Ground
Fighting Dark Steel
Bug Rock

Pure Psychic type so it has the 3 weaknesses of Ghost, Dark and Bug. Avoid using Psychic or Fighting moves on it.


Fast Move Type Power
Charge Beam Electric 8
Zen Headbutt Psychic 12

Zen Headbutt is by far a better move than Charge Beam, getting STAB. If you’re using it, then you should use Zen Headbutt. However Charge Beam may see usage, if only to pair to it with Thunderbolt as its the best Charge Move.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Hyper Beam Normal 150 1
Thunderbolt Electric 80 2
Psycho Boost Psychic 70 2

Thunderbolt is the best move,followed by Hyper Beam then Psycho Boost. Psycho Boost is simply too weak to be a viable move, which does restrict Deoxys to being an Electric attacker with the pairing of Charge Beam and Psycho Boost. Hyper Beam is for use as a neutral attacker.

Assembling The Team

Dark, Ghost and Bug ought to be the types of choice. Deoxys doesn’t really have any tricky moves that could seriously mess up any of these 3 types barring a secondary type weak to Psychic moves.

1:Giratina(Origin Forme)

Origin Forme


Remember, Origin Forme and not the Altered Forme which is impotent in attack. For moves go with Shadow Claw and the amazing Shadow Ball.




The ever reliable Tyranitar comes in handy here, with its resistances against Psychic and Normal moves. Nothing to worry about when it comes to Deoxys knowing any super effective moves.For Tyranitar’s moves, go with Bite and Crunch.




Mewtwo is a powerhouse in Attack like Deoxys but unlike Deoxys, Mewtwo can actually take a hit. For Mewtwo, you need to use the move set of Confusion and Shadow Ball. The latter is a legacy move, currently unavailable if you don’t already have a Mewtwo with it. Niantic might release it again but if you don’t have Shadow Ball Mewtwo you can turn to the other Pokemon on this list.

Honorable Mention



Another glass cannon but still a great option as long as Deoxys isn’t using Psycho Boost or else you’ll see Gengar go down in one hit. The other moves won’t do too much damage, Hyper Beam is resisted but it’ll still do a sizable chunk of damage due to Gengar’s low defences.

For Gengar you should use Lick and Shadowball for the most damage, if not then any mix of Ghost moves will suffice.


Deoxys Normal Forme is not as lopsided in stats like its Attack and Defence Formes but I wouldn’t recommend it as a Pokemon to invest in. You can get one of each to collect it, more if you wish.

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