Sentosa Safari Zone: Hot,Humid and Totally Worth It!

I was one of the lucky people who secured a ticket to the first ever Safari Zone held in Singapore! Initially I wanted to go on the first day but a friend texted me about going together with him so I chose to go on Friday, incidentally being a public holiday due to Good Friday falling during the Safari Zone event’s run time.


I had heard a lot of things on Facebook and from friends about what to expect, and what to do. Hydrate often they said, it’s going to be insanely; don’t carry too much on you, you’re going to be on your feet a lot. Speaking of feet, wear comfortable shoes if you intend to do a lot of walking. Those were the main takeaway points and I adhered to them.

I’m glad I did. It was excruciatingly hot in weather that felt like 35 degrees Celsius. I must have drank at least 2-3L of fluids while in Sentosa and I didn’t even need to pee once. There was ample shade provided by Niantic, on top of the existing infrastructure. They played music from the Pokemon games and even the famous opening song to the Pokemon anime series.


There was even a giant inflatable Lapras sitting in the lagoon for everyone to admire, and also because one of the big attractions was a chance to get Shiny Lapras before everyone else in the world did. I didn’t get a Shiny Lapras, none of the Lapras which spawned in my area were Shiny so that was a real bummer. However I did get a Shiny Pikachu, with an IV of about 82-86% . I also picked up my first Unowns and Tropius. With the former I’m only missing Heracross to complete my Johto collection.

I wish it had a higher CP but it is a Shiny and I generally don’t throw away Shiny Pokemon, no matter how awful they may be in terms of CP and IVs. There were also plenty of Dratinis, Alolan Exeggutors but I didn’t catch anything worth shouting about. I left after 3 hours, because I had to get to an EX raid at 4.30pm.

What did I think of the whole event?

I thought Niantic and Sentosa did a really good job of planning and executing this. From adding portable toilets, selling drinks to keep us hydrated, handing out free hats. The free Wifi was a great idea but I didn’t use it because I found it laggy due to the sheer volume of devices using it. It’s something which I thought could be improved on in future events but I went down thinking I would be using data and we didn’t suffer the awful network issues that plagued the last Community Day so all in all,my time there was really great.

The team lounges were great because you’d struggle to find a rest area in Sentosa for so many players.

They also provided charging points for us to use, great because even your power bank will run out and you’ll need a socket to plug into. Really good stuff. I can’t really think of any real negatives to the whole event on the day itself. Perhaps they could work harder to clamp down on people who are selling the tickets to the event online for money, that is something they should definitely stop. I saw a man selling these tickets there for $60, in Sentosa and no one tried to stop him. Maybe he was dealt with after, I don’t know but if he was dealt with, do comment and let me know.

Also, I got a really cool badge for attending the event. That was a pleasant surprise from Niantic. I hope they come back next year where I hope to be lucky enough to attend this event.



One thought on “Sentosa Safari Zone: Hot,Humid and Totally Worth It!

  1. I am one of the unlucky ones who couldn’t score a ticket, so I really appreciate your timely sharing. Sounds really fun. A big thank you!


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