Bagon Day: A Day of Outrage over Network Outage

I had a pretty good Community Day when it came to catching Shiny Bagons. 10 in total, none of which were of a good enough IV to evolve into Salamence.I’m not sure if its just my luck when it comes to spawns but it seems like there’s been a reduction in the rates of higher IV spawns i.e. 91% IV and above. I evolved 4 Bagons into Salamence , the highest of which had an IV of 91.1% and the lowest was 86.7% . Nothing great and I’ll probably wait for the December Community Day which ought to be a repeat of the January to November 2019 Community Days.

However Bagon Day also saw the return of network issues that have plagued many Community Days. Many users complained of lag that made the game so slow and unresponsive, that some just gave up and went home. This issue tends to come up when a more popular Community Day, such as Beldum Day and Charmander Day.

The outages on Beldum Day appear to have sparked a change in Niantic’s strategy as they shifted the Asia-Pacific region’s time slot to a Sunday, meaning it would be the last to experience Community Day. This change appeared to work for November  2018 , January 2019 and February 2019’s Community Day. December was exempted from this change as it was a weekend long event. It was only for March’s Community Day we saw a change to the current time slot of 3-6pm local time, everyone would start on the same day. It was a sign that Niantic was confident the network problems were a thing of the past.

They were wrong. Within about 15 minutes of the event starting, players in the Asia-Pacific region once again experienced the same network outages. Niantic spent a good portion of 2 hours trying to fix the problems, extending the event. Right now it seems like the old issues are still around. April’s Community Day will be Torchic barring a surprise and I think it’s a popular enough Pokemon we’ll get to see if a large turnout can once again cause a recurrence of network problems.

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