Deoxys Defence Forme: A Raid Guide

Defense Forme


We’ve had two formes of Deoxys so far, its Normal and Attack Forme. Both had high attack values and extremely low defence values, the latter Forme having lower defence than a Caterpie. Prior to raid bosses having their difficulty increased, it was possible for one person to defeat Attack Forme by himself.

Dexoys Defence Forme should require an actual team to defeat, its monstrous defence stat requires a team of at least 6, like that of Cresselia. It has 144 attack, 330 defence and 137 stamina. Its attack and stamina stats are mediocre but 330 defence is the second best in the game. Defence Forme is not going to feature in attack teams so its really just one to collect.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Psychic Ghost Electric
Fighting Dark Water
Bug Fire

Its a pure Psychic type so it has 3 weaknesses and 2 resistances. Nothing too tricky to deal with, Ghost and Dark have really good counters to Deoxys. Bug is mostly mediocre so stick to the other two types.


Fast Move Type Power
Counter Fighting 12
Zen Headbutt Psychic 12

Counter would have been problematic for Dark types but Deoxys’ attack is so low and it doesn’t get STAB for it that it shouldn’t be more than a tickle if you’re not using a very frail Dark type. Zen Headbutt gets STAB but shouldn’t prove too much of an issue thanks to Deoxys’ attack stat.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Psycho Boost Psychic 70 2
Rock Slide Rock 80 2
Thunderbolt Electric 80 2

Rock Slide is a very good move that’s wasted on a Pokemon like Deoxys Defence Forme. None of these moves should really inspire fear in you as you pick your team to face Dexoys, just don’t pick Pokemon that are weak to any of these moves and you’ll have a good time.

Assembling The Team

If you have enough players in the raid group, you shouldn’t lose too many Pokemon. However, the key is not how many Pokemon you lose, but how much damage you deal. Its about beating the raid timer, not about minimizing losses.

1:Giratina(Origin Forme)

Origin Forme


Giratina’s Origin Forme , not the Altered Forme is an excellent counter to Deoxys. Giratina’s Dragon/Ghost typing resists Counter and Thunderbolt, while taking neutral damage from the other moves.  Origin Forme gets access to the powerful Ghost charge move Shadow Ball and you should pair it with Shadow Claw as your move set of choice.




The original Ghost Pokemon may not have thick defenses like Giratina but its strong attack offsets that. Just do not expect it to last very long. Gengar is a Ghost/Poison type which gives it an unfortunate weakness to Psychic moves and while Deoxys has very low attack, its Psychic moves will still leave a significant dent in Gengar. However Gengar doubly resists Counter and is neutral to Rock Slide and Thunderbolt. Facing Deoxys with those move sets isn’t going to be much of an issue. For moves, Shadow Ball is the best charge move and you can pick it with Lick.

However, Lick is a legacy move and if you don’t have a Gengar with Lick, you can go for the ones with fast moves like Hex.




One of the best Dark types in the game, Tyranitar is a staple when it comes to handling Psychic type raid bosses. Deoxys Defence Forme is not going to trouble it when it comes to supereffective moves and Tyranitar’s Dark/Rock typing ensures it’ll resist Psychic moves. In a large raid group you shouldn’t really need more than one Tyranitar if it’s at least 3000 CP. For moves, go with Bite and Crunch.

Honorable Mention



Weavile deals more damage per second than Tyranitar but with Deoxys, it needs to be wary of Rock Slide being part Ice type. Like Tyranitar, it’s Dark typing resists Psychic moves so Psycho Boost will pose no problems for Weavile to handle, even if it has weaker defenses.

For Weavile, the move set of choice is Feint Attack and Foul Play.


As an EX Raid boss, Deoxys Defence Forme is a must have when it comes to collecting it. Its not a Pokemon you should invest in to power up or use in raid battles. Just for collecting. Nothing else unless it receives a huge boost.

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