Charizard: First Community Day 100%


This is going to ruffle a few feathers but I’ll just say it: Charizard is not my favourite Generation 1 starter. That honour goes to Venusaur. In Pokemon Red and Blue as well as the remakes, I chose Venusaur for an easier start to the games so as to give me more time to build up my team of 6.

Charizard is more of a late game Pokemon, rewarding you for the harder path by being more useful against the last few Gym Leaders and Elite 4. Its also more popular among players because it resembles a Dragon despite not being a Dragon type. Thus it was no surprise that Charmander Day saw a large turnout from the community. Everyone wanted to get a Shiny Charizard;because who doesn’t think a black dragon is badass?

Charmander Day was going pretty well, if only a little low on Shiny encounters because I would only end up with 2 Shiny Charmanders. One of them happened to have an IV of 82.2% so I had that going for me. The other one had bad IVs so its nothing to shout about.

At about 1pm, it started to rain but my friends and I weren’t ready to call it a day yet. With the rain being a light drizzle at worst, we continued to search when we were alerted to a 100% IV Charmander spawning just a minute’s walk away. We went down to the place, the actual location of the Charmander was across the street but given the rain we wanted to do it from underneath shelter.

The Charmander spawned, it obviously wasn’t shiny and not wanting to let it run, I used a golden razz berry and caught it in one attempt. No chances taken. The level was low, its CP coming up to about 200+ but I knew this was one worth powering up. My only mistake was not evolving it before 2pm , which meant I had to settle for Overheat instead of Blast Burn. This was before Niantic gave you the extra hour  to evolve them which was my loss.

However that still didn’t dissuade me from powering up this Charizard. I powered it up until I ran out of stardust, then saved up until I had it maxed out. There was a brief pause as I went to power up my 100% Moltres, but once that was done I resumed powering up Charizard.

Do I use Charizard? Sometimes, its not my first choice Fire type, that honour goes to Moltres because of better stats overall.However this guy isn’t far behind, he’s second after Moltres. Plus if Mega Charizard ever comes out, I know who I’m using for it.

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