A Status Update

It has been a few weeks since I’ve made a new post and I thought I would fill you all on what’s going on, and what I intend to do for this blog. This will be a quick update on what I’m up to and what I hope to do.

Firstly, I’m happy to say that most of the legendary raid guides are done, the only ones which have yet to be filled in are Deoxys Defence Forme and Deoxys Speed Forme. The likes of Shaymin and Jirachi won’t have guides as I believe they will be released in the form of special research tasks like with Mew and Celebi. If this assumption proves to be wrong, I’ll do some guides.

Come this April I’ll be attending the Safari Zone in Sentosa, Singapore. I’ll be doing a post covering the highlights of my time there. It’s my first time attending a Safari event so I’m pretty excited. I’ll also attempt to do regular daily posts, perhaps a catch of the day style post.

There’s also the 100% IV section which I intend to continue, currently it’s far from finished and I think its time I correct that. It’s a more minor section but I should finish what I started.

Finally, I am working on an in-depth beginner’s guide to the game. It’s meant to cover everything in the game , from signing up for the game to raids and trainer battles. Its a massive undertaking and I can’t really put a release date on it at the moment. It’s a guide not just meant for people new to the game but if you’ve been playing for a while and you want to know more, then this is a guide for you.

I hope to do at least one post a day, if not then one every other day. Be it a guide or something more personal, either way there will be something for you to read on a more frequent basis.

One thought on “A Status Update

  1. Yes, pl do regular blogs. I was wondering why there was nothing from you in the past few weeks. So happy now 👏


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