Roasting Registeel: A Raid Guide



I remember using Registeel back in the days of Pokemon Emerald. It was considered the best of the Regis because it had a better balance between its offensive and defensive stats. That sentiment didn’t carry over to Pokemon Go because Registeel easily came out as one of the worst legendaries ever released. Being Steel type didn’t exactly help, even in the pre-Meteor Mash era of Steel types. In fact, Metagross is still the best Steel and probably only viable Steel type in the game.

Just get Registeel to fill out that slot on your Pokedex, nothing more. If you aren’t level 40 yet, the experience from raids is always good.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Ice Fire Ghost
Steel Fighting Dark
Rock Ground Bug
Flying Electric
Dragon Water

Defensively, Steel is fantastic. 10 resistances out of 18 types. 3 weaknesses only. You’ll have less to choose from but Fire,Fighting and Ground have strong Pokemon you can get.


Fast Move Type Power
Metal Claw Steel 8
Rock Smash Fighting 15

Metal Claw is the best move you can get,over Rock Smash. Rock Smash here isn’t supereffective against any of the types strong against Registeel so you have little to worry about.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Flash Cannon Steel 100 1
Focus Blast Ground 120 1
Hyper Beam Fighting 140 1

Flash Cannon is the best of the charge moves and if you’re using Fire types, it’ll be resisted. Focus Blast is a decent move, strong against Gym defenders if you’re so inclined to use it to attack Gyms. Hyper Beam is pretty bad, probably the best move you can hope for when you’re facing Registeel in a raid.

Assembling The Team

Fire, Ground and Fighting. Those are the types you need to best handle it. These are the Pokemon you should be using. 




Moltres is the best Fire type and against Registeel, it’ll enjoy resistances to Focus Blast and Flash Cannon. Hyper Beam will hurt but with Registeel’s lack of STAB and low attack, that should mitigate the damage done.

For Moltres, go with any combination of Fire moves but the best one will be Fire Spin and Overheat.




While its undoubtedly inferior to Moltres, Entei is still a great counter to Registeel. A pure Fire type, it resists Flash Cannon and Metal Claw. For moves, go with Fire Spin and Overheat, just like Moltees.




Another Pokemon that suffers in comparison to Moltres, Charizard didn’t have a good moveset until its Community Day when it gained Blast Burn. If you have a Charizard with Blast Burn, you can bring it to the fight. If not, then you can always stick with Fire Spin and Overheat.

Honorable Mention



Its the counter to all of the Regis, so I’m definitely going to suggest Machamp. You can bring it to Registeel with no worries. For moves, go with Counter and Dynamic Punch but Close Combat for Dynamic Punch is viable, albeit less effective move.


Just collect Registeel, do the raids for the experience points and rewards.That’s all you need.

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