Regis Are Now Part Of Research Rewards!

So I’m scrolling through my feed on Facebook and I see a graphic made by Leek Duck, a prominent Pokemon Go player who also makes his own graphics and reports on Pokemon Go. In that graphic, he shows the possible rewards for the 7th Day Research Tasks for March and April. Its not too different from January and February, except that now you have the addition of Regirock,Regice and Registeel as possible encounters.

You still have the likes of Ho-oh,Lugia, Entei,Raikou and Suicune there, just swapping out the legendary bird trio for the legendary titans. Unless there’s a Shiny version available this is awful. 

Part of the excitement of completing 7 days worth of Research in January and February 2019 was the chance to get a Shiny legendary. You had a 5 in 8 chance of getting a legendary Pokemon which could give a Shiny but March and April you basically have a 2 in 8 chance. Ho-oh and Lugia give you a shot at getting a Shiny but the rest? Not at all. 

In terms of usability, it’s essentially just Raikou as the best of the lot. Ho-oh and Lugia are decent but the former needs a better move pool to reach its full potential. Entei is good and if you missed out on a good Moltres, its worth powering it up. Suicune is bad and all 3 Regis are bad. Regice used to be a good Ice type but that says more about the state of Ice types. Now you have Mamoswine and Weavile, so no reason to use Regice. 

Regirock and Registeel, don’t bother. They shouldn’t even be powered up but you can catch them for collection purposes. That’s it. Sigh, these two months are going to be a long slog until May, when they probably rotate Ho-oh and Lugia for some other Pokemon. 

Which is probably the new thing for Research Tasks, giving you a shot at past legendaries every couple of months. Its good for people who missed out on them but with a pool like this, you’re not missing out on much, other than Pokedex entries. 

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