Lashing Latios: A Raid Guide


Source: Bulbapedia

Latias’ brother, Latios is a more viable legendary in Pokemon Go than his sister at the moment. He was arguably the 4th best Dragon type in Generation 3, behind the likes of Rayquaza,Salamence and Dragonite but without that annoying double weakness to Ice. Generation 4 did see Latios tumble in the rankings, thanks to Palkia and eventually Dialga and Garchomp pushing it down a few notches.

That’s not to say its become unusable, Latios is still good, just not as good compared to the rest. Latios has 268 attack, 212 defence and 190 stamina. He is more attack oriented without being too shoddy in defence, which is always good in Pokemon Go. His movepool is good, giving him access to STAB for both types in his typing.



Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Grass Bug Steel
Water Fairy Poison
Fire Dragon Flying
Fighting Ice Steel
Psychic Dark Rock
Electric Ghost Ground

Just like Latias, Dragon/Psychic has plenty of resistances but an equal number of weaknesses. As a raid boss this is simply delightful, as you’ll have plenty of openings to go for. Personally I’d go for Dark and Dragon moves to counter Latios.

In terms of using it, the 6 weaknesses is worrying but the 6 resistances are pretty handy if you intend to invest in it, there will be many Pokemon who are at least one of the 6 types intended for future raids.


Fast Move Type Power
Dragon Breath Dragon 20
Zen Headbutt Psychic 5

Dragon Breath is better and like with Latias, provides better neutral coverage. Zen Headbutt is decent but honestly Latios is limited as a Psychic attacker.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Dragon Claw Dragon 50 3
Psychic Psychic 100 1
Solarbeam Grass 180 1

Solarbeam isn’t too bad. In fact, it’s not even close to bad. Latios is the best user of Solarbeam and a moveset of Dragon Breath and Solarbeam is pretty lethal. As a raid boss, Solarbeam is pretty dangerous to the likes of Ice types if they have a Water half or Ground half. Its sheer power means your Pokemon are going to take a lot of damage unless they double resist it.

Dragon Claw is going to be annoying in a raid boss battle, because Latios is going to keep firing off Dragon Claws faster than a lot of your Pokemon can get to their charge moves. As for using Latios, the best charge move is still Dragon Claw. With STAB and a quick cool down time, you’ll be dealing lots of damage very quickly.

Assembling The Team

There are so many options when it comes to Latios, the best ones will be those that can resist at least Psychic or Solarbeam so as to avoid dying a quick death.




The best Dragon out there and if Latios is not using Dragon Claw, it’s a great option. The best case scenario is Latios using Zen Headbutt and Solarbeam. A double resistance to Grass moves means you’ll be out there longer blasting Latios with Dragon Tail and Outrage. You can also use Rayquaza if Latios’ first move is Dragon Breath, just don’t expect to last as long.





Togekiss resists Latios’ Dragon moves and Solarbeam, which basically encompasses all of Latios’ dangerous moves. It doesn’t have access to a Fairy fast move which does hinder its damage output just a little but with Latios’ 6 weaknesses, you’re not short of Hidden Power moves. Just pick one from Dragon, Bug, Dark and Ghost.

For charge move, go with Dazzling Gleam. Its the best option you have.




One of the best Dark attackers out there, Weavile has little to fear from Latios, even more so if it’s using Psychic moves. You have the luxury of choosing from either its Dark or Ice moves, even able to mix them up if you wish.

Honorable Mention



Good ol’ Tyranitar, when you need to fight a Psychic Pokemon you take it out and it’ll bite the poor guy to death. Latios is no exception to this but Tyranitar just needs to be careful of Solarbeam. If Latios isn’t using Solarbeam , then Tyranitar will do the trick. Use the moves Bite and Crunch.


Latios is one of the finest additions to the game and you’ll want to pick up one while you can. Its great as a Dragon type and is also one of the best neutral users of Solarbeam.

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