Massacring Mewtwo: A Raid Guide


Source: Bulbapedia

Mewtwo was the strongest Pokemon in Generation 1 in the core games and as a legendary in Pokemon Go, Mewtwo lives up to its reputation as one of the strongest in the game. Its attack stat is high and it can actually take a hit, unlike Alazkam and most formes of Deoxys. Its movepool is diverse but not lacking in strength.

Mewtwo doesn’t have a bad typing either, a pure Psychic type doesn’t have too many weaknesses and what weaknesses it does have can be covered with some of its own moves.

In terms of stats, Mewtwo has 300 attack stat, 182 defence and 214 stat. That attack stat is the third highest in the game and is ably supported by decent defences and stamina. Mewtwo is definitely worth getting and powering up.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Psychic Bug Steel
Fighting Dark Rock
Ghost Ground

Just 3 weaknesses here, and of the 3, Dark and Ghost have Pokemon which aren’t too difficult to get your hands on. If not there’s always the neutral options. Avoid anything in the left most column.


Fast Move Type Power
Confusion Psychic 20
Psycho Cut Psychic 5

Generally speaking Confusion is the deadlier of the two moves. It’s also the move of choice when you use Mewtwo.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Flamethrower Fire 70 2
Focus Blast Fighting 140 1
Hyper Beam Normal 150 1
Ice Beam Ice 90 2
Psychic Psychic 100 1
Shadow Ball Ghost 100 2
Thunderbolt Electric 80 2

So many moves, which one should you fear the most from a Mewtwo raid boss? Its really down to who you are using to fight Mewtwo but people using Dark types ought to fear Focus Blast, it’ll knock out your Pokemon in one hit. If you’re using a Ghost type, then Shadow Ball is the most feared.

Shadow Ball is actually the best move for Mewtwo, outstripping even Psychic in terms of damage output. A Mewtwo with Ice Beam is one of the top Ice attackers and is only hindered by its own lack of an Ice fast move.

For the other moves, comparing Pokemon with the same of type of charge move as Mewtwo favours Mewtwo pretty well. Its usually in the top 10, if not top 20 for damage dealt thanks to its huge attack compensating for the lack of STAB.

If you’re using Mewtwo, then Shadow Ball should be first choice if its available. If not, then go with Focus Blast which ought to help with clearing popular gym defenders like Blissey and Chansey. Ice Beam is devestating and if you need an Ice attacker you can let Mewtwo fill that slot.

There aren’t really any terrible movesets for Mewtwo, just moves which get the most out of Mewtwo and moves which don’t.

Assembling The Team




Generally Gengar is one of the best counters to a Focus Blast Mewtwo, its Poison/Ghost typing grants it a double resistance to Fighting moves. You’ll still take supereffective damage from Mewtwo’s Psychic fast moves and Gengar isn’t that bulky so bear that in mind when taking on Mewtwo.

If you do go with Gengar, the best moveset is Lick and Shadow Ball but Lick is a legacy move so if you can’t use that, go with any Ghost type moveset for the maximum damage.




Unless Mewtwo has Focus Blast, Tyranitar is a great choice to use. It resists about 4 of Mewtwo’s charge moves and all of its fast moves, and has a great attack stat to deal lots of damage. The only moveset you need here is Bite and Crunch.




If you have a Mewtwo with Shadowball, Mewtwo counters itself very well. Just don’t bring it to fight a Mewtwo that also uses Shadowball. Also, your fast moves will be resisted but Shadowball compensates for the lack of damage.

Honorable Mention



Hot off its release in Generation 4, Weavile is one of the hardest hitting Dark types currently out there. Like with Tyranitar, watch out for Focus Blast but also Flamethrower thanks to Weavile’s Ice typing. The moveset of choice is Feint Attack and Foul Play.


Mewtwo is a tough boss to bring down but its so worth it. With its great stats and diverse movepool, Mewtwo should remain a viable option in the game for generations to come.

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