Lashing Latias: A Raid Guide


Source: Pokemon Go

Latias is what you would call a good but there’s definitely a better option available Pokemon. Its far from terrible but its overshadowed by one too many Pokemon. Dragonite and Rayquaza are better Dragons while the likes of Espeon and Lugia have it beat as a Psychic type. However Latias does have a Mega form which if made available, will require you to have a sufficiently high IV Latias on hand to really make the most of. Hence I’d say its a Pokemon worth catching, especially with its Shiny form up for grabs.

Latias has 228 attack, 246 defence and 190 stamina. Its bulky with decent damage output so that’s going to make it a pain to take down. On the other hand that also makes it less viable as an attacker although if you really have nothing better it’ll do the job. At the very least its capable of functioning as a pure Psychic or Dragon attacker.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Water Ice Steel
Electric Dragon Normal
Grass Fairy Poison
Fire Ghost Flying
Psychic Dark Rock
Fighting Bug Ground

It comes with 6 resistances, some of which are pretty common types so that’s great for it. However it also has 6 weaknesses,the likes of Dragon and Dark have powerful Pokemon among them for you to use on it. No double weaknesses but with so many weaknesses you’ll have an easy time finding good Pokemon to use on it.

As for using it, the 6 resistances ought to come in handy when taking down gyms, unless the defender would happen to have a Fairy move, which is pretty common among Pokemon like Blissey or Slaking.


Fast Move Type Power
Dragon Breath Dragon 6
Zen Headbutt Psychic 12

Both are fine, you get STAB from both moves but of the two, Dragon Breath does more damage and has better neutral coverage.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Outrage Dragon 110 2
Psychic Psychic 100 1
Thunder Electric 100 1

Outrage is the best move of the three, does the most damage and gets neutral coverage. Outrage and Dragon Breath should be the first choice move set for Latias. After that, Psychic if you want to use it as a Psychic attacker but its better off using Dragon moves. Thunder is an annoying move if Latias is a raid boss,if you’re using Water/Ice Pokemon against it. If you’re using Latias, avoid Thunder.

Assembling The Team

Latias has 6 weaknesses, you have a large variety to choose from. Don’t worry too much about not being able to find a Pokemon that can’t target it, usually you’ll have at least a few who can exploit those weaknesses.

1: Rayquaza


Source: Pokemon Go

The current king of the Dragons, Rayquaza will be a great option to take on Latias provided the latter isn’t using Outrage. If its using Dragon Breath you’ll still take more damage but you won’t be one shot by its Charge move. Rayquaza is an absolute monster in attack.

For its moves, go with Dragon Tail and Outrage.

2: Gengar


Source: Pokemon Go

If Latias is using it’s Dragon moves, you can turn to Gengar. While it is a glass cannon, it’ll at least dish out lots of damage before it faints. Just don’t use it while Latias is using Psychic moves, Gengar will faint before it deals a significant amount of damage.

For its moves, any pair of Ghost moves will do but the best will be Lick and Shadow Ball. If you don’t have a Ghost fast move, then you can make do with Sucker Punch as it at least deals super effective damage.

3: Tyranitar


Source: Pokemon Go

A great option for a Psychic attack Latias, Tyranitar tanks Psychic moves easily. It’s one of the most used Pokemon due to its great stats, moves and the abundance of legendaries weak to Rock or Dark moves.

For this, just use Bite and Crunch. No problems whatsoever.

Honorable MentionĀ 


Source: Pokemon Go

It has slightly higher damage output compared to Tyranitar but not everyone may have a lot of Weaviles as it’s stuck behind Sinnoh Stones. However if you do have one, its a great option for Latias. It has access to both Ice and Dark moves so any combination of them will suffice,doesn’t really matter the combination, its all STAB supereffective.


Latias, good Pokemon but there’s better out there. It does have a Mega evolution so you can catch one in anticipation of that. It has a Shiny form available so that’s also worth going for.

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