Razing Raikou: A Raid Guide


Source: Bulbapedia

Of the 3 Legendary Beasts, Raikou is the only one which is at the top of its own typing. Zapdos was top dog among Electric types but its time as best Electric type lasted only a few months before Raikou dethroned it.

Raikou has a great moveset, Niantic even adding the neutral but welcome addition of Shadow Ball in 2019. Its typing leaves it with only one weakness, reducing the number of supereffective counters to basically a small group.

Raikou has 241 attack, 195 defence and 207 stamina. Its attack is the 37th best while the other two stats are at least in the top 20% of Pokemon. Raikou is definitely a Pokemon worth powering up, get it while it’s available.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Steel Ground Ghost
Flying Fire
Electric Ice

The best part about a pure Electric type is that its only weakness is Ground. However that means to take it down effectively, you’re going to need some strong Ground types to get it done. If not, Dragon makes for a good option that resists it.


Fast Move Type Power
Thunder Shock Electric 5
Volt Switch Electric 20

Thunder Shock is the best fast move available to Raikou, Volt Switch is slower but if you’re unwilling to spend TMs, it at least gets STAB.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Thunder Electric 100 1
Thunderbolt Electric 80 2
Shadow Ball Ghost 100 2
Wild Charge Electric 90 2

Wild Charge and Thunderbolt to get that pure Electric moveset, preferrbly the former as its better. Thunder isn’t worth it, it lacks the speed and punch as it is. Shadow Ball is a good move which provides neutral coverage.

Assembling The Team

Ground types all the way, there are plenty for you to use if you wish to.




The king of the land, Groudon is the best current option to take on Raikou. Heavily resisting its Electric, you can tank hits while pulverizing Raikou with the moveset of Mud Shot and Earthquake.



Its not as hard hitting as Groudon but not by much. Groudon is also currently available as a raid boss only, but Rhyperior is available all year round. All you need is 125 candies, 1 Rhyhorn and a Sinnoh Stone and you’ll have your Rhyperior. For the moves, go with Mud Shot and Earthquake.




Its only just had its own Community Day at the time of writing and while its been rightly hailed as the best Ice type , Mamoswine happens to be a more than decent Ground type too. It gets a different moveset , less overall damage compared to Rhyperior and Groudon but that doesn’t mean it can’t do a good job. Go with Mud Slap and Bulldoze if you intend to use Mamoswine.

Honorable Mention


A very very odd choice but Rhydon holds up pretty well in the current meta as a Ground attacker. Its incredibly cheap to evolve, a mere 25 candies and if you’re short of Sinnoh stones to get Rhyperior or short of Ground types, Rhydon is a good stop gap problem. You can read more about Rhydon here.


Raikou is the best of the Johto beasts and if its availabe to catch, don’t hesitate to go after it. It’ll likely be the best Electric type until the emergence of Zekrom in Generation 5.

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