Swatting Suicune: A Raid Guide


Source: Bulbapedia

Suicune is by far the worst of the Johto trio. Its first strike is being the more defensive of the three. That wouldn’t be terrible on its own but as a legendary it can’t be used in gyms. Its movesets are rather underwhelming especially with no consistent Water Fast move other than a Water type Hidden Power. The only way to get that is to get a Suicune with the proper IVs for it.

For its stats, Suicune has 180 attack, 235 defence and 225 stamina. Solid but not going to do a lot of damage, compared to the other heavy hitters. You’ll be better off getting this for the Pokedex rather than to use it for anything else.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Ice Grass Ghost
Water Electric Dark
Steel Normal
Fire Dragon

It’s a pure water type, so it only has two weaknesses to worry about. Grass and Electric. Other than that, plenty of neutral options. Just avoid the resist column and you should be fine.


Fast Move Type Power
Extrasensory Psychic 12
Hidden Power Normal* 15
Snarl Dark 12

Good god these are horrible moves. Hidden Power’s typing depends on the IVs of the Pokemon so you’re going to have get lucky with it. However it’s also a legacy move right now so that depends on when Niantic decides to make it available again.

Snarl and Extrasensory are about the same, just choose whichever you prefer.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Bubblebeam Water 45 3
Hydro Pump Water 130 1
Ice Beam Ice 90 2
Water Pulse Water 70 2

At least Suicune has Hydro Pump, its deadliest move. Ice Beam will pose a problem to Grass types and certain Electric types which can fly. Water Pulse and Bubblebeam ought to pose little problem, other than being fired more often when Suicune is attacking. To use Suicune, stick with Hydro Pump or Ice Beam.

Assembling The Team

Grass types and Electric types will be the best option for Suicune. The former just needs to be careful of Ice Beam. Pure Electric types will not have an issue. Grass types do have the advantage of at least resisting Water moves.




Raikou is the best Electric type at the moment, and it’s the best counter to its fellow legendary. With the moveset of Wild Charge and Thunder Shock, you’ll down Suicune in no time.

2: Zapdos



While its no longer the best Electric type, Zapdos is still a potent attacker. Having a Flying type makes it vulnerable to Ice Beam so be wary of it. For moves, go with Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt.




The new number one among Grass types, Roserade is a great candidate to take on Suicune. Like with Zapdos, it does need to watch out for Ice Beam but the trade off will be it resisting all Suicune’s Water moves. As for Roserade’s own moves, use Razor Leaf and Grass Knot.

Honorable Mention


Source: Bulbapedia

Magnezone resists most of Suicune’s moves and more importantly, is not weak to Ice attacks like Zapdos is. It’s not the highest in terms of DPS or even TDO but it’s overall output places it as one of the top contenders. Spark and Wild Charge should be the moves of your choice.


Suicune is a Pokemon that’s best used sparingly, mostly to collect. Its a tough cookie to take down so you’ll want at least a few strong guys to tank hits for you.

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