Eliminating Entei: A Raid Guide


Source: Bulbapedia

Entei isn’t as good as Moltres when it comes to dishing out damage but it makes up for it by being just a little more sturdy than the fire bird. It also lacks a double weakness to Rock unlike Moltres but has to deal with a Ground weakness, unlike Moltres.

Entei has 235 attack, 171 defence and 251 stamina. The stamina stat is one of the highest in the game while its attack and defence are decent enough to keep it as a viable fire type. Its movesets mostly grant it STAB which means the only consideration you need to make is which of its moves work best.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Grass Rock Ghost
Ice Water Dark
Bug Ground Normal
Steel Dragon
Fire Psychic
Fairy Flying

As a pure Fire type, Entei has a solid typing. 6 resistances with 3 weaknesses is great, giving it good coverage against most of the types out there. Unlike Moltres, Entei actually resists Ice. Metagross is a popular Pokemon with Meteor Mash and hits like a truck so if you intend to use Entei its a good counter to the Steel juggernaut.

When it comes to weaknesses, its the standard fire type moveset. Rock,Water and Ground have strong and popular Pokemon within their ranks so when battling it as a raid boss, you ought to have no issue finding counters to Entei.


Fast Move Type Power
Fire Fang Fire 11
Fire Spin Fire 14

Fire Spin is the better move for DPS if you intend to use Entei. Fire Fang is okay and at least grants STAB.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Fire Blast Fire 140 1
Flame Thrower Fire 70 2
Iron Head Steel 60 2
Overheat Fire 160 1

Iron Head is terrible, don’t ever use it. However when facing Entei as a raid boss, Iron Head can be problematic if you’re using a Rock type to counter it. Flame Thrower should be avoided, although it would be better as a 3 bar move like Crunch but its not so don’t use it. Overheat is the best with Fire Blast a close second when using Entei.

Assembling The Team

Rock, Water or Ground. Rock and Water types resist its Fire moves but the former needs to be careful of Iron Head. Ground neither resists nor is weak to Entei’s moves but still does the super effective damage you’d want.

1: Rampardos



The new king of Rock, Rampardos is the best Rock type to use on Entei, just be careful of Enteis with Iron Head. Rampardos’ monstrous attack stat paired with the awesome moveset of Smack Down and Rock Slide is your best bet against Entei.



The master of the oceans, Kyogre is the ideal water counter to Entei. Its pure Water typing gives it resistances to all of Entei’s moves which coupled with its better defence, means it’ll at least outlast Rampardos. Its not just thick in defence, it hit backs hard and with the moveset of Waterfall and Hydro Pump, it’s definitely going to do that.




Ruling the ground we work on, Groudon is the current best Ground type in the game. It doesn’t need to fear any of Entei’s moves but it doesn’t resist it. Like Kyogre, its attack and defences allow it to receive and then dish out damage. For Groudon, the only moveset you need is Mud Shot and Earthquake.

Honorable Mention



Its no longer the best Rock type but that doesn’t make it terrible. Most people would still have a few, thanks to its longevity as a raid boss and its appearances in Community Day events.

As with Rampardos, be careful of Entei’s Iron Head although it should last a little longer than Rampardos due to a better defence stat. Its fire moves ought to pose little problems for it. Tyranitar’s own movesets for this ought to be Smack Down and Stone Edge, the former being a Community Day exclusive move.


Its not the best Fire type at the moment, but if you ever need a top Fire type other than Moltres, you can turn to Entei .


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