Valentine’s Day Event Review

Pokémon GO

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We’ve had a Lunar New Year event for February and with that done, Niantic has decided to dedicate about a week or so to its Valentine’s Day event. Its not as exciting as the previous event but when you’re single, it at least gives you something to do on Valentine’s Day.

The biggest change you’ll notice in this event is how prominent pink Pokemon are. Pokemon like Clefairy, Jigglypuff and Chansey ought to be more common. I’ve also noticed an abundance of Slowpoke so I guess this might include all Pink Pokemon. You won’t see that Smoochum from the banner in the wild,it’ll have to be hatched from an egg. Of which you’ll have a higher chance of hatching Pink Pokemon from 7km eggs, so if you want that Happiny you’ll have to start getting them. At least its keeps using wanting to get 7km eggs, the novelty wore off real quick.

Also, there’s a chance you may encounter Shiny Clefairy, the latest Shiny Pokemon. I don’t mind another Shiny, its always exciting to find one. I just don’t get too hopeful over finding it immediately or during the event.

Pink Pokemon will also be more frequent in raid battles, such as a 3 star Chansey raid boss. You can do it if you like, Chansey’s rare enough to justify doing so. The rest, I’ll leave that up to you.

The biggest bonus from this event has to be the double candy from catching Pokemon. While that’s already good, it overlaps with the Community Day event  which has its own bonus of triple stardust from catching Pokemon. Awesome without a doubt, but together with the Valentine’s bonus, it’s going to make for an even better Community Day. 300 stardust per Swinub, 6 candies before Pinaps, you can build your own herd of Mamoswine in no time at all.

There’s also a 6 hour Lure timing for this event but that’s bound to cause some sort of glitch during Community Day because that’s supposed to have 3 hour Lures. Even if that happens, it shouldn’t affect your Community Day too much.

Overall, a pretty great event because it overlaps so well with Community Day event. On its own, its decent but because of the timing of its release, it’s elevated due to Community Day.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day Event Review

  1. I had a fun time with Pokemon Go on Valentine’s Day even though I am not single 😄. Bonus is dat pink is one of my fav colors!


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