Stat Changing Moves Are Coming!

Pokemon Go is a relatively simple game compared to the core Pokemon games. Moves in the latter either did damage or affected a particular stat on either the user or the opponent. You also had moves that did both.It added variety to the style of play.  Pokemon Go for the most part did not include stat changing moves. Moves simply did damage(yes Splash is a part of this) and that was it.

However, Niantic has made a very interesting announcement regarding stat changing moves. You can read about that here . In essence, Trainer battles will feature stat changing moves. Like in the core games, these stat changes only last while the Pokemon is on the field. Switching them out will reset the stats back to their default state. For now, only three moves will change stats.

  • Silver Wind: Has a chance to the raise user’s Attack and Defence
  • Ancient Power: Has a chance to raise the user’s Attack and Defence
  • Ominous Wind: Has a chance to raise the user’s Attack and Defence

These 3 moves in the core series are effectively variations of each other, with a different typing. I’m not a big fan of PvP battles but this will make things interesting going forward as more of such moves emerge. Personally I’m hoping for stuff like Psychic to reduce the opponent’s Defence, or Meteor Mash to have a chance of raising the user’s Attack.



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