Rampardos: The New King of Rock



Move over Tyranitar, you’re no longer the best Rock type in the game. Standing proudly at the top even without a Rock fast move, it only got better with its own Community Day exclusive fast move Smack Down. Now it could hit those Pokemon weak to it with a pure Rock moveset. It was flying high and it even saw off the likes of Rhyperior who had the same Rock moves as it.

Until Rampardos came along with the first real challenge to Tyranitar’s throne. Rampardos in the core games was known for being a glass cannon. It had crazy high attack stats but terribly low defences and speed, meaning if it got hit it could go down quite easily.

This changed in Pokemon Go. In terms of damage per second (DPS) it outclasses Tyranitar and the rest of its stony brethren thanks to its lethal moves and attack stat. In the rest of this article we’ll take a more in-depth look at Rampardos and how it stacks up against Tyranitar.


Pokemon Attack Defence Stamina Max CP
Rampardos 295 109 219 3298
Tyranitar 251 207 227 3834

Rampardos’ attack stat is what makes it such a monster in the game. 295 is the 4th highest attack in the game and much higher than Tyranitar’s own 251 attack. 251 attack is pretty good but it can’t hold a candle to Rampardos’ 295 attack.

Rampardos’ glass cannon status is reflected in its atrocious 109 Defence, a little over half of Tyranitar’s 207 defence. Its the main reason why Tyranitar has a better total damage output(TDO) than Rampardos, its defence is better. Tyranitar has a better stamina too but Rampardos is not very far behind and it does help make up for its fragile defence.



Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Fire Grass Ghost
Poison Water Dark
Normal Steel Ice
Flying Ground Dragon
Fighting Psychic

A pure Rock type, Rampardos gets 5 weaknesses to deal with. Of the 5, 4 of them pack some heavy hitters in the form of Metagross, Machamp, Kyogre and Groudon. Fortunately only Metagross and Machamp can be gym defenders so if a gym attacker Rampardos is not going to face too many problems. Just stay clear of them and you’ll be fine.

Rock isn’t a great type defensively thanks to the above weaknesses and it resistances in the current meta aren’t fantastic either but it does get 4. So that’s something.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Fire Grass Rock
Poison Water Dark
Normal Steel Ice
Flying Ground Dragon
Psychic Fighting Electric
Ghost Fairy

More resistances but more weaknesses too. Resisting Psychic could come in handy when using Tyranitar as a gym attacker against Blissey and Chansey although both know Dazzling Gleam so watch out for that. Ghost isn’t used too much outside of Gengar and Mewtwo with Shadow Ball. The biggest drawback in Tyranitar’s typing is its whopping 7 weaknesses including a double weakness to Fighting.

Of the two, Rampardos has the better typing.



Fast Move Type Power
Smack Down Rock 16
Zen Headbutt Psychic 12

Smack Down is the move of choice for Rampardos. Zen Headbutt is second best but even with that, it still does fairly well with it. You could even consider using it in gyms with Zen Headbutt to do some extra damage to Machamps.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Flamethrower Fire 70 2
Outrage Dragon 110 2
Rock Slide Rock 80 2

All of the moves are 2 bar and Rock Slide is the best charge Rock move a Pokemon could get. Its’ the first choice moveset when paired with Smack Down and is decent with Zen Headbutt but the former should be your first choice. Outrage is a good neutral move if you intend to use it as a neutral attacker.


Fast Move Type Power
Bite Dark 6
Iron Tail Steel 15
Smack Down Rock 16

Iron Tail, don’t bother with it. Smack Down is the best for Rock moves but its a legacy move only obtainable during its Community Day. As for Bite, that should be the move you go for if you’re using a Dark attacker Tyranitar.Smack Down on Tyranitar is the go to move as a Rock attacker.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Crunch Dark 70 3
Fire Blast Fire 140 1
Stone Edge Rock 120 1

If you’re going with a Rock attacker, obviously Stone Edge should be the charge move. Rock Smash and Stone Edge ought to be the moveset of choice for Tyranitar. Crunch works if you’re using Bite. Fire Blast ought to be avoided.

So, who has the better moveset?


The numbers don’t lie, Rampardos fares much better than Tyranitar in all possible movesets. Even using Zen Headbutt and Flamethrower is enough to exceed the DPS of Smack Down and Stone Edge, thanks in part to Rampardos’ massive Attack stat.


Finally, there’s the small part of the cost of Evolution. Tyranitar costs 125 candies to evolve from a Larvitar. Rampardos costs 50 candies to evolve from a Cranidos. Both seem to be rare finds but Rampardos has better stats and is cheaper to evolve. Its the clear winner.

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