Should Multiple Trades Of The Same Pokemon Be Allowed?

Trading has been without a doubt, a great addition to the game. It was part of the core games, allowing players to trade with each other to complete their Pokedex or to receive a top tier Pokemon wouldn’t be able to acquire on their own. When Pokemon Go came out, people clamoured for trading to be added to the game since trading was considered to be a major mechanic and would facilitate more socialising between players.

For the most part Niantic has handled this very well. There were fears that trainers would abuse the trade mechanism to give their weaker alternate powerful Pokemon, allowing them a cheap shortcut to powering them up, or to complete their entire Pokedex in one go.

However this Niantic has worked to prevent this by implementing a stardust cost for trades and also through the idea of special trades. Special trades refer to trading over a Pokemon that at least one party hasn’t unlocked in the Pokedex, a legendary Pokemon or a shiny Pokemon. It can only be once per day. Also, Pokemon which are traded have their IVs randomly changed, with friendship level determining the lowest it can drop to. The highest possible IV is always 100% regardless of friendship level.

Currently, Pokemon obtained in a trade cannot be traded again. This was done to prevent the same Pokemon being traded back and forth until it reaches the desirable IV or gets turned into a Lucky Pokemon.

Now, what if Niantic were to allow traded Pokemon to be traded again? Would that improve things? There would clearly need to be some sort of limitation implemented to prevent it being exploited. Below are some ideas I have to ensure this isn’t abused.

  1. Limited trades. A Pokemon can only be traded a certain number of times before it becomes untradeable. The cost remains the same each time but once the limit is reached, no further trades may occur.
  2. Increasing stardust cost. To retrade it, the cost of trading increases and after a certain point, it will be incredibly expensive to do so. The final cost could be equal to 1 million stardust, rising to 10 or 20 million for legendary Pokemon or Shiny Pokemon traded this way.
  3. No Trade Backs. You may indeed trade the Pokemon but it cannot return to a trainer who has previously owned it. The cost would be the same and for trainers with multiple accounts, it prevents them from passing the Pokemon around like a hot potato.
  4. Special Trade. Retrading counts as a special trade and the same rules apply.

Currently when you make a trade and the Pokemon ends up with garbage IVs, its usually transferred away unless you need it as a placeholder. With this, these Pokemon get additional usage as you have a chance to improve a Pokemon you’d probably transfer away anyway. What do you think? Which method would best? Or do you think the system is fine as it is?



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