Assaulting Articuno: A Raid Guide


Source: Bulbapedia

Articuno was the first of the legendary bird trio to be released, the first legendary Ice type. Sadly it wasn’t even the best Ice type in Generation 1 due to its stats focusing on being a defensive tank. Jynx actually was the best Ice type from Kanto, but thanks to a lacklustre showing from the Ice types of Johto and Hoenn, Jynx and Articuno occupied the top two spots. Not even the iceberg known as Regice could shake the two off.

All that changed in Generation 4 with a trio of Ice types that knocked Articuno from 2nd best to 5th best. Mamoswine, Weavile and Glaceon are far better at being Ice types than Articuno. Articuno also comes with a nasty double weakness to Rock types. Having said all that, Articuno is still good but not great among Ice types. If you want to power one up, I can name a few better alternatives.

Articuno has 192 attack, 236 defence and 207 stamina. The only outstanding stat is defence and it holds back Articuno from being better. Its moveset is decent enough but it doesn’t stop Articuno from being a Pokemon that’s good but there’s definitely better options.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Grass Rock Ghost
Bug Fire Dark
Ground Electric Normal
Steel Dragon

Ice/Flying comes with dreaded double Rock weakness. It does have 3 resistances but they’re unlikely to be used against Articuno anyway its not very useful 5 weaknesses including Rock. This is good if you’re attempting to attack Articuno, plenty to take advantage of, but the priority ought to be with Rock type attackers.


Fast Move Type Power
Frost Breath Ice 10

You only get one move and its Frost Breath. Good or bad, its all Articuno is getting until Niantic decides otherwise.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Blizzard Ice 130 1
Hurricane Flying 110 1
Ice Beam Ice 90 2
Icy Wind Ice 60 3

Hurricane is a legacy move so if you missed out, you missed out. I believe it was from a special event in Japan similar to the 3 hour raid events. Its not bad but not the best either . While it gets STAB, its not the best move you could have with Articuno. Icy Wind is worse than Hurricane, don’t bother keeping it. Ice Beam is second best to Blizzard in damage output, the latter being the best move for Articuno. If you intend to use Articuno,use Frost Breath and Blizzard.


Assembling The Team

Like with Moltres, you ought to stick with Rock types since they deal the most damage.




Tyranitar is one of the best existing Rock types, and unlike some of the other Rock types, it doesn’t have the weakness to Ice. Smack Down and Stone Edge are the moves of choice, dealing STAB supereffective.

2:Alolan Golem



The legacy moveset of Rock Throw and Rock Slide is the ideal moveset when using Omastar. Its thick defences and resistance to Ice and Flying moves allow it to endure more hits. If you don’t have either legacy move, using Rock Blast with a strong Water fast move can still work.



An amazing Pokemon but its Ice weakness does curtail Rhyperior’s effectiveness here. It does resist Hurricane but so do the other Rock types. However it still boasts amazing attack and has access to Smack Down and Stone Edge, just like Tyranitar but without Smack Down locked as a legacy move.

Honorable Mention


While its not out at the time of writing, Rampardos is set to pass Tyranitar as the best Rock type attacker. It has access to  Smack Down and Rock Slide from release but with a much higher attack stat, Rampardos puts the hurt on Articuno much better than any Rock type so far.


Its good, but there’s better out there. That’s what sums up Articuno best. It’ll still remain relatively useful thanks to the abundance of Dragon type legendaries out there weak to Ice but now that we’re in Generation 4 you can definitely find better Ice types.


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  1. I’m so glad I came upon this blog. Very informative and my game wld have improved sooner if I had found it earlier. But better late than never, so a big thank u!


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