Mamoswine: The New Ice King?


Source: Bulbapedia

With the recent annoucement of Swinub being then next featured Pokemon for Community Day,its time to take a closer look at the new Sinnoh Pokemon that’s going to make its debut next month. You can read more about the Community Day annoucement here.

Mamoswine is the final evolution in the Swinub line, evolving from Piloswine. It has 247 attack, 146 defence and 242 stamina. Its defence stat is rather mediocre but it has the attack and stamina to make up for it. Its no Regice as a tank but it hits hard enough to be in the best in DPS and TDO.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Poison Grass Normal
Electric Water Fairy
Fire Dragon
Fighting Rock
Steel Ice

Mamoswine has the unique Ice/Ground typing that’s not been seen elsewhere since its introduction. In the core games that made it the first Pokemon to be immune to damage from weather effects. Pokemon don’t take damage from weather directly here but its a neat fact.

Unfortunately Ice/Ground leaves it with quite a few weaknesses and very few resistance to make up for it. Resisting Electric is good given the popularity of Raikou and Zapdos. Poison isn’t a popular type yet, so it’s not going to see much use resisting it.

5 weaknesses is a big hole, no matter how you look at it. All of which have some top of the line guys. Metagross, Machamp, Moltres,Heatran, Kyogre and even the likes of Venusaur and Roserade. It’ll have to be careful. However it doesn’t have a weakness to Rock like Articuno thus the likes of Tyranitar won’t be a threat to Mamoswine.

While it has some serious counters, this would really limit it as a gym defender. As a gym attacker or raid attacker it should do well. Now for its moves.


Fast Move Type Power
Mud Slap Ground 15
Powder Snow Ice 6

Mud Slap is an excellent Ground move and if you intend to use it as a Ground type. Powder Snow has a low damage but that gives it speed and a higher DPS. Both moves also get STAB and there’s no other move which is awful.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Avalanche Ice 90 2
Bulldoze Ground 80 2
Stone Edge Rock 120 1

With Avalanche, Ice attacker Mamoswine has some of the best DPS within its fellow Ice types. Bulldoze as a two bar move actually works surprisingly well , allowing it to surpass Rhyperior in DPS as a pure Ground attacker. However it’ll still lag behind Garchomp and Groudon. Just don’t use Stone Edge, its the worst option.


So where does Mamoswine stand exactly? I decided to compare Mamoswine using only Ice moves and Mamoswine using only Ground moves against Ice and Ground types respectively. Using Gamepress’ spreadsheet to compare, I first looked at Ice types.


Mamoswine finishes top of the class! Overall it outstrips all of its competitors, and if it gets a good Community Day Ice move, then its going to spell doom for the rest of the Ice types. It’s also note worthy that the next 2 Pokemon are also Generation 4 releases, Glaceon and Weavile. Sinnoh seems to be good for Ice types.

Next, I compared Ground types. Does Mamoswine match up well?


It loses out to Groudon and Garchomp but actually finishes above Rhyperior, touted to be one of the best Ground attackers in Generation 4. It might even finish higher if it gets a Ground type move for Community Day.

So what should you use Mamoswine as? A Ground or Ice type? It depends.What does your team need more? Do you lack strong counters to Electric types? Then a Ground type Mamoswine might be more helpful if you don’t have strong Ground Pokemon. Having said that, I think Mamoswine is best utilized as an Ice type. Its clearly the best option when its released. It’ll be expensive thanks to needing a Sinnoh Stone to evolve but it’ll be worth it.


Long live the Ice King? Yes, very much so. Mamoswine is going to be one hell of an Ice type, especially with the inevitable return of Rayquaza and its double weakness to Ice. There are also future legendaries that will require an Ice type to down, so why not invest in one now?

Its even a good Ground type, something that’ll be essential when dealing with Dialga when its released thanks to its typing. Groudon candies are hard to get , Garchomp as of now has not been released but Gible will be a rare Pokemon outside of its Community Day. Rhyperior doesn’t do as much damage as it does so if you really need a good Ground type and the other options aren’t there, you can also consider Mamoswine.

Stock up on candies for its Community Day, and get all the Sinnoh Stones you needs. Its worth it.

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