Feebas Day Guide

FeebasSource: Bulbapedia

While its not a Community Day, the 3 hour event will still be a key event to pick up a shiny Feebas, short of hatching or catching one outside of the event. Trainers will get a chance to get Shiny Feebas through completing Research Tasks.

Thanks to Chrales, the renowed Pokemon Go dataminer and leaker of information, has given us the tasks we can expect to find during the event. The tasks are:

  • Hatch 1 Egg
  • Earn 1 Buddy Candy
  • Make X Great Throws
  • Make X Nice Throws

Here are some tips and tricks to get that Shiny Feebas.

1: Save up on Feebas Candy

Yeah it goes without saying that Milotic is a tough Pokemon to evolve. 100 Feebas candies and you need to walk 20km with it. Don’t evolve any Feebas before the event starts or you’ll find yourself waiting ages to get that 100 candies.

2:Prime Location

Since its not Community Day, you won’t be getting Feebas spawning in the wild. You’ll need to complete Research Tasks and that can only be obtained from Pokestops. Go to a place with many Pokestops within walking distance. You don’t want to have to get in a bus or car to keep driving around and waste time getting to the location.

3: Hatch Eggs Quickly 

You don’t want to take 3 hours to hatch 1 egg, even if it is some great 10km egg. You want to hatch it quickly and be done with it. You want to get it over and done with, no matter what you get from it. If you still have 2km eggs, save up on them and hatch them during this event. If you don’t have them, maybe its time you break out the super incubator to get it out faster.

4: Bigger is Better

For the other two tasks, its a relatively simple throw task. You don’t need to land them consecutively and you don’t need to catch the Pokemon for it to count. However you may want to keep some Nanab berries so it doesn’t move around or smack your ball away.

The other thing is to focus on Pokemon which are much easier to hit. Bigger is better so guys like Wailmer and Groudon are better than guys like Weedle or Yanma. Yanma because it moves around incessantly. If it takes too long to catch, you can consider leaving it.

5: Magikarp BFF

For buddy Pokemon, stick to the likes of Magikarp or Gyarados for that task. Taking only 1km or 0.6 miles to gain 1 candy, it’ll clear that task as quickly as possible. Don’t put something like a Groudon or Dragonite as your buddy for this, it’ll take too long.


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