Krushing Kyogre: A Raid Guide

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Yes, I know crush is spelled with a C and not with a K. Now, back to the guide.

Kyogre is without question, the best water type ever released in the game. The only Pokemon which could surpass it would be its own Primal form which remains at least two years away in Generation 6. It was released as a regular raid boss in January 2018 and in June 2018 with a short return in March 2018. It hits like a tank and takes a hit like a tank. Now it’s set to return in 2019 as part of the Hoenn event, so if you don’t have enough, go out and get some.

First off , lets break down what Kyogre offers to the meta. It has 270 attack, 251 defence, 182 stamina and a maximum CP of 4115. Among water types it has the highest CP, even including Generation 7 and barring any stat changes. It has the second highest attack and fifth highest defence of all water types. While its stamina is not within the top 10 , its still high enough to give it sufficient bulk.

Even outside of Water Types, its a real powerhouse. Its attack stat stands at 13th among all Pokemon, 24th best in defence and while its 99th in stamina, it holds up well enough.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Steel Grass Rock
Fire Electric Ground
Ice Poison
Water Flying

As a pure water type, Kyogre has only two weaknesses and 4 resistances, giving it a good typing. If you’re intending to take down Kyogre, stick to Grass and Electric moves.


Fast Move Type Power
Waterfall Water 15

Kyogre currently only has access to Waterfall as a fast move, but its one of the best water moves available and combines very well with the charge move Hydro Pump to deliver one hell of a punch.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Hydro Pump Water 130 1
Blizzard Ice 130 1
Thunder Electric 100 1

In my opinion, there isn’t a bad charge move for Kyogre. All 3 were usable, its really down to how you want to utilize Kyogre. Hydro Pump makes it the hardest hitting water type. Blizzard allows it to act as a viable counter to Dragon types and Thunder is a good counter against other water types,even itself! Its monstrous attack stat allows it to land regardless of STAB being present or not.

Assembling The Team 

Electric and Grass types will be the order of the day. Just be careful of using Grass types because Kyogre with Blizzard would hit right through them. It doesn’t get STAB but as a raid boss

1: Raikou



Source: Bulbapedia

The Johto Electric legendary deals some of the highest damage to Kyogre with its high DPS. It won’t last very long because Kyogre is a heavyweight in attack. However you’ll do plenty of damage while Raikou is around. For its moves stick with Thunder Shock and Wild Charge to do the most damage possible.

2: Zapdos


Source: Bulbapedia

If not for Raikou, Zapdos would probably be the current best Electric type Legendary. However, second best doesn’t make it terrible and it is a really good Electric attacker. The biggest disadvantage Zapdos has over Raikou is its typing. Raikou resists Thunder but Zapdos’ flying typing means it takes neutral damage. It is also weak to Blizzard , which Raikou isn’t so that’s another major disadvantage.

If you’re not facing a Blizzard Kyogre, then Zapdos ought to do the trick. The best moveset would be Thundershock and Thunderbolt and if you can’t spare enough TMs to get it, use any electric moveset to get STAB and supereffective damage.

3: Electivire


Source: Bulbapedia

Arriving in Generation 4 and evolving from Electabuzz, Electivire is actually better than Zapdos and doesn’t have the same weakness to Ice that Zapdos has. Stats wise it has higher attack than Raikou but doesn’t have the same durability it does. Nevertheless, its still a strong attacker against the blue whale that is Kyogre. You don’t have to worry about falling to some supereffective hit like Zapdos. For movesets, stick to its Electric moves, the best one being Thunder Shock paired with Wild Charge.

Honorable Mention

Alolan Exeggutor

Source: Bulbapedia

Alolan Exeggutor should only be used if Kyogre isn’t using Blizzard. It’s double weakness to Ice moves will see it go down in one hit so avoid that scenario. You can refer to my guide on how to predict the raid boss’ moves here .

Other than that, Alolan Exeggutor’s Grass/Dragon typing offers double resistances to Water and Electric, ensuring it’ll be around for quite a while. For moves, go with Bullet Seed and Solar Beam.


Kyogre is worth raiding for. If you think you need more, I think it’s worth breaking the piggy bank and spending coins on premium passes. You get the best water type in the game and then with enough rare candies you’ll be covered for the rest of Pokemon Go’s lifetime.

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