Hoenn Event is Here! My Thoughts On It.

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Update: It seems that Shiny Groudon is available in the event starting tomorrow. Article has been updated to reflect this.

Just like last year, we’re getting a big Hoenn event for the rest of month along with filler legendary raids in the return of Kyogre and Groudon. Best part is Shiny Groudon its glorious neon yellow!. Kyogre should still be available as a Shiny given its last appearance back in the middle of 2018. The event will last from 15th January 2019 1pm PST to 29th January 2019 1pm PST.

Here’s the full list of features we’re getting for the event:

  1. Increased frequency of Hoenn Pokemon spawning in the wild.
  2. Raid Battles to feature Hoenn Pokemon and the return of Kyogre and Groudon.
  3. Evolve your Shroomish into Breloom and it’ll learn the event-exclusive move Grass Knot.
  4. A chance of encountering Shiny Taillows and Zigzagoon in the wild.
  5. 7km eggs now have a chance of hatching Hoenn Pokemon.
  6. Field Research will yield a chance at encountering Hoenn Pokemon.
  7. You can get Team Magma and Team Aqua themed outfits in the store.

What do I think of all this? Better later than never for Groudon! I thought we’d get Shiny Groudon last year but then Niantic introduced the 3 Golems. I’m glad to at least get more Groudon because I only got 2 during it’s first run. Now I’ll at least hope to get my team of 6, hopefully some good IV ones so I can get some good Ground attackers. Other than Rhyperior I have none to really speak of.

More Hoenn Pokemon in the wild is always welcomed by me, I’d like to get more Bagon candies for its Community Day, hopefully next month. Also, the 3 Hoenn starters would be good too. Treecko Day is in March, then May for Torchic and finally July for Mudkip barring any sudden changes to the schedule. Their exclusive moves really improve the viability of their final forms so it’s good to have extra ones on hand and plenty of candy during Community Day so you can quickly evolve them.

Breloom is a pretty good attacker, on the frail side but hits really hard. Does Grass Knot improve it? That remains to be seen. However I think it’ll be better than Seed Bomb, the current Grass move Breloom has. So far Grass Knot can only be learned by Shaymin Skyforme, and its unreleased so Breloom is going to be the first Pokemon to get it.

Letting 7km eggs give you a chance to hatch Hoenn Pokemon is okay, provided you can hatch the rarer ones like Beldum,Bagon and Ralts from it. That would make it an improvement over risking it in 10km eggs. Of course if its the entire pool of Hoenn Pokemon the odds are much lower but you’ll probably be happier to get them over an Alolan Meowth.

Field Research letting you encounter Hoenn Pokemon is great, I do want to get more 100% IV Pokemon, particularly those who can Mega Evolve. I already have 5, lets go for more. As for clothes, I guess those of you who like it will want to dress like Team Magma or Aqua. I don’t really care for them, nor do I want to spend coins on such outfits.

Overall, I welcome the event as a means of passing the time before the next Community Day. I only wish we got a chance at Shiny Rayquaza but that could be another 3 hour event. I need more Rayquazas too but that’s for another discussion.

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