Feebas Day and…Increased Draw Distance?

Pokémon GO

Source: Pokemon Go

So we got a big news update with the latest app update. Limited Research will be coming in the form of a 3 hour time window where trainers can spin Pokestops and get Research tasks which give a Feebas encounter as a reward. The big shiny lure is a Shiny Feebas with each encounter giving a chance of the Feebas being its Shiny counterpart. You’ll have to do this during that particular window or you’ll have to get Shiny Feebas either as through wild encounters or egg hatches.

Is it worth spending 3 hours outside trying to find a shiny? Yes, I’m going to say yes. Feebasses(?) found as research rewards have the same IV range as a raid boss, from 66.7% to 100% so if you do get a shiny one, its going to at least catch your attention. The only downside is finding all the Pokestops to spin. You’ll want to go somewhere with at least 20 Pokestops within walking distance and then some. Maximise your chances at getting that shiny.

Apart from that, take note of the date and time for the event. Like with Community Day, people living in the Asia-Pacific area will have their event on 20th January 2019, not 19th January. Other than that its still 12-3pm JST.

There was a second and much welcomed update and that’s the increased draw distance for gyms and Pokestops. When I opened the app for the first time after being prompted to update it, I got notifications for raids from gyms that were out of my normal range. I was surprised, thinking I had drifted closer but to my surprise, my in-game location corresponded to my usual physical location.

Upon closer inspection, I found that the other gyms previously out of reach were now within range. In particular, there’s one EX gym I was just out of range from and I could now see it on my phone. Great news for me, because now I can walk over to get EX raid passes from it and walk towards turning it gold. I had already turned a few of the more popular gyms in my neighbourhood gold so the increase in draw distance is going to make things far easier.

Overall, a pair of unexpected but welcome updates. I love that Niantic is always providing us with events so trainers don’t feel too bored with the game. It can seem overwhelming but just remember you don’t have to do every event. If you feel burned out, you can always sit it out and recuperate rather than lose all interest in what’s essentially a game. No point doing that.


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