Ho Ho Ho-oh : A Raid Guide


Source: Bulbapedia

Ho-oh has the potential to be the best Fire type with its great stats but falls prey to the curse of bad movesets. It doesn’t get a moveset that allows for it to be a pure Flying or Fire attacker. Instead it ends up as a mish mash of a few types put together that stifles its attack.

Even so its still a hard hitting Pokemon. With an attack stat of 239 , it’s able to dish out and receive thanks to its 244 defence. A healthy 214 stamina stat pairs well with its defence so all in all, it really just needs a better move set.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Bug Rock Ghost
Grass Water Dark
Steel Electric Ice
Fairy Poison
Ground Normal
Fighting Dragon
Fire Psychic

Ho-oh type combination of Fire/Flying grants it a good amount of resistances; 7 to be exact. Avoid using bug or grass moves on it because Ho-oh has a double resistance to both of them. When it comes to weaknesses, it only has 3 but counts a double weakness to Rock among them. So look to Rock types with Rock moves as your best option when you take on Ho-oh.

If you don’t have those then try a water or electric type.


Fast Move Type Power
Extrasensory Psychic 12
Steel Wing Steel 11

No STAB here, just a pair of underwhelming moves. Extrasensory is the worse of the two unless you’re planning on using Ho-oh to take down Machamps.  Steel Wing  provides some type coverage by being super effective against Rock types and having higher DPS makes it the preferred move. Having said that, Ho-oh probably shouldn’t be your first choice against a Rock type given its glaring weakness to Rock moves.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Brave Bird Flying 90 1
Fire Blast Fire 140 1
Solarbeam Grass 180 1

At least Ho-oh gets charge moves with STAB. It also gets the seemingly unappealing Solarbeam but the sheer power of the move actually pushes it past Brave Bird to be the second best move available. Speaking of Brave Bird, while it does get STAB it simply lacks the power to be of any real use. Unless you plan on fighting guys like Machamp, you shouldn’t use it.Fire Blast is the best option with STAB available so go with it.

Overall, it’s tough to find a good moveset for it. Steel Wing and Fire Blast would do the most neutral damage and would be a good moveset to take on an Ice type. Steel Wing and Solarbeam would work if you’re taking on a Rock type and does decent neutral damage too. I would go with the former because Ho-oh would never be part of my team when fighting guys like Tyranitar.

Assembling The Team

With a clear double weakness, Rock types ought to be the way to go. You just need to be careful of Solarbeam and Steel Wing, a moveset like that will drastically shorten the time your Pokemon may have in the raid. That’s when you can turn to

1: Tyranitar


Source: Bulbapedia

Tyranitar is one of the best choices for Ho-oh, packing a huge attack stat with the lethal moveset of Smack Down and Stone Edge. It just needs to watch out for Solarbeam, and it’ll be fine.

2: Rhyperior


Source: Bulbapedia

Not as strong as Tyranitar but it definitely packs a punch. Its attack stat is only slightly worse than the pseudo-legendary and it holds up pretty well in defence. You don’t need to worry too much about Ho-oh’s attacks unless it uses Solarbeam then you’ll probably see it go down in one hit. Except this time it’s worse because Rhyperior’s Ground/Rock typing has a double weakness to Grass moves.




Ho-oh’s Solarbeam allows it to cover itself against both Water and Rock types so if you suspect it’s going to use Solarbeam then you may want to bring an Electric type to do fight it. Raikou provides the highest damage output against the firey bird.

While Raikou has access to only Electric moves, for the best damage output it would be better to use Thunder Shock and Wild Charge. It provides significantly higher DPS than the alternatives and you’ll need it when you’re not using a Rock attacker againts Ho-oh.

Honorable Mention

KyogreSource: Bulbapedia

If you’re planning to use a Water type, you can’t get any better than Kyogre. It’s the current best Water type available until a certain Palkia shows up. When using Kyogre you should just stick with the moves of Waterfall and Hydro Pump, you’ll deal STAB and supereffective damage. Thunder is also strong against Ho-oh but you don’t get STAB on it. Leave the Electric moves to Raikou.


Ho-oh isn’t difficult to take down, you’ll have plenty of Rock Pokemon out there who can hit it for double supereffective damage and ought to last a while if Ho-oh doesn’t have Solarbeam. If you can’t or feel the need to use other types then go with Water or Electric types.

It’s a fairly popular Pokemon to release seeing as Niantic has released it at least 3 times and counting. I have no doubt it’ll be back for a 4th time so people can try and get its shiny form.

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