Community Day January 2019 Guide


Source:Pokemon Go

With just over a week to go to the next Community Day, its time to make sure you are stocked up on Pokeballs, Pinap berries , Lucky Eggs and Lures. Just take note for people living in the Asia Pacific region, the Community Day will be on a Sunday instead of Saturday. For the rest it’ll be on 12th January 2019 so don’t show up on the wrong day.

Just like every Community Day, it comes with 3 hour Lures , a bonus and an exclusive on top of the featured Pokemon. We’re getting Totodile after December’s recap month featuring all of the Pokemon from previous Community Day, effectively resetting the cycle of starter and 10km egg Pokemon.

The exclusive move hasn’t been revealed yet but we’ll probably know it a few days before the actual event begins. If the previous starters are anything to go by, Totodile will get Hydro Cannon just like how Cyndaquil and Chikorita got the same moves as their Kanto counterparts. Will it improve Feraligatr? Probably, just like how the other starters benefitted from theirs.


The bonus for this round will be a reduction in egg hatch distance. All eggs incubated during the event will have their distance reduced to one quarter of their normal distance. That means a 10km egg will require only 2.5km to hatch, saving yourself a lot of walking! Better yet, use a super incubator and you’ll need only 1.67km to do it!

Definitely stock up on some Lures to get the Pokestops up and luring all the shiny Totodiles over to you and don’t hesitate to drop a few Incense when needed. It’ll work well with the Lures to get you as many Totodile as possible.

Should you use Lucky Eggs? I personally would save them until you get a Community Day with increased catch xp. Even if you’re hatching lots of eggs, I still don’t think its worth it unless you can do 2 batches of 9 10km eggs within one Egg’s duration, which is incredibly unlikely. So wait until the bonus is for catch xp. Then crack those eggs!

Starpieces are a different story. Feel free to use them if you’re hatching those purple eggs. I think you’ll still get value for it. However if you wish to save them, then so be it. If you need to buy more and you can afford it, get them. It’ll be worth the coins.


Now for Totodile and its final form Feraligatr. Are they any good? I’d say good is a fitting description of it. It’s problem is that it’s not Kyogre, a problem faced by nearly every Water type out there. Palkia might be better but that depends on the moveset. Between itself and Blastoise, Feraligatr loses out in defence but bests the Kanto tortoise in attack and stamina.

I think with Hydro Cannon Feraligatr could overtake Blastoise, and possibly the likes of former stalwarts Vaporeon and Gyarados. Feraligatr gets the superior fast move of Waterfall while Blastoise settles for Water Gun, and its stats ought to push it past Blastoise as a Water attacker.

It can function as an emergency Dark attacker if you’re lacking in Tyranitars although I wouldn’t recommend it. No STAB even if it does learn Bite and Crunch. Stick to using it as a Water type.


No matter how great or terrible it is, evolve as many Feraligatrs you can from the event. Whether its 1 or 20, that number is all up to you. It’s a solid Water type and worth using in battles. Kyogre candies will be hard to come by and other than Vaporeon, it may very well be a Pokemon you can amass in numbers.

Feraligatr Shiny sprite from X & YBlastoise Shiny sprite from X & Y

Source: Pokemon DB

It’s Shiny form is one of the better looking ones, a teal colour added to the standard blue. Definitely better than Blastoise. Blastoise’s only major advantage is that it comes with a Mega Evolution that may appear when Generation 6 comes around.

So overall, an improvement over Squirtle Day. Also, don’t forget to have fun! After all, this is still a game.


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