Rousing Regigigas: A Raid Guide



Regigigas is supposed to be the master of the Regi Trio. You know, those 3 guys you were so pissed at having to catch because they were basically awful in offense and non-existent in defence because legendaries can’t be defenders. The good news is that you Regigigas has a much better offensive output than any of its 3 subordinates. It’s a pure Normal type, the only other Normal type legendary in Sinnoh is the default Arceus legendary. That also means it shares the fighting type weakness the other Regis have, but as a Normal type that’s the only weakness it has.

As a Normal type, it doesn’t get STAB from any of its moves. That’s not necessarily a terrible thing as Normal doesn’t deal supereffective damage to anything. Having all of its moves be of a different typing does make things interesting when it comes to predicting what moves it’ll use during the raid.

Finally, for stats Regigas sports the 6th best attack in the game with 287 attack. It also has 210 defence and 220 stamina which are above average and give it enough bulk to perform.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Ghost Fighting Fire

With the Normal type, it’s pretty straight forward. Just avoid using Ghost types. Yes, don’t use Giratina. I mean, you shouldn’t even be using it in the first place but Regigigas resisting Ghost moves gives you an even better reason not to. As for weaknesses, use Fighting types using Fighting moves. You can also hit it for neutral damage if you wish to, just bring some really strong Pokemon. Also watch out for the moveset Regigigas is using, some of the Pokemon may go down quickly if they get hit by them.


Fast Move Type Power
Rock Smash Fighting 15
Zen Headbutt Psychic 12

A rather interesting pairing of fast moves but Zen Headbutt is the one you should use if you’re planning to use Regigigas. It’s also the move to watch out when you’re raiding it. Your Machamps will not last as long as they would against a Zen Headbutt wielding Regigigas. Rock Smash is only dangerous if you’re using a Steel, Ice,Rock or Normal Pokemon. So no Tyranitars if you think its Rock Smash. It’ll fold faster than a folding chair.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Avalanche Ice 90 2
Heavy Slam Steel 70 2
Stone Edge Rock 100 1

For those of us who love to use Machamps, it’s a good thing Regigigas does not have a Psychic or Flying move. Instead it gets to choose from 3 moves. The more astute reader will notice the types correspond to the same 3 types of the other Regis. I kind of wish it had access to a fourth move, a Normal move but these 3 are fine. They make it trickier to play against. Guys like Dragonite, Salamence and Rayquaza shouldn’t be used if you’re thinking of that. Heavy Slam doesn’t quite hit so many popular attackers unless you’re considering someone like Gardevoir or Articuno.

If you’re planning to use Regigigas then stick with Zen Headbutt and Avalanche as the preferred moveset. You’ll probably end up hitting opponents for neutral damage but this gets the best performance out of the behemoth.

Assembling The Team

Pure Normal type, go for Fighting types to counter it. Nothing else will dish out as much damage as those. I’ve already name dropped Machamp so it’ll definitely feature. The rest will be Fighting types too, I think.

1: Machamp



It’s so obvious a choice that it probably should be your first choice. There’s no better Fighting type at the moment but you do have to watch out for Zen Headbutt. It’s going to wear down your Machamp a lot faster than you’d want it to. For moves you’ll want to go for Counter and Dynamic Punch but if you have an older Machamp with Karate Chop available, you can pair it with Dynamic Punch.

Don’t use any of its Steel moves, they aren’t good with Machamp.

2: Hariyama



The bulky option here, Hariyama boasts greater stamina than Machamp at the cost of a slightly lower attack rating. It should outlast a Machamp due to this but don’t let its lower attack stat deter you from choosing it. It has the same moveset as Machamp excluding legacy moves, so go with Counter and Dynamic Punch. As with Machamp, don’t use Hariyama’s Steel moves.

3: Breloom



The glass cannon option here, Breloom is also vulnerable to Avalanche in addition to the standard Zen Headbutt weakness shared by the other two options. However it does have one of the highest DPS for a Fighting type. If you do use it , go with Counter and Dynamic Punch. Yep, just like Machamp and Hariyama. Don’t expect it to last too long.

Honorable Mention



If you a Mewtwo with Focus Blast, now just might be the time to dig it out and turn it on Regigigas. It resists both fast moves and doesn’t have to watch out for any of its charge moves. Get Confusion as your fast move and you should do well.


Is Regigigas viable? I can’t say. It’ll probably fare better than the Regis before it but there are probably roles it does that lose out to other Pokemon who can fulfill it much better. If you don’t have anything better to do its job, you can go with it. It’s a strange Pokemon. I can’t say I miss it having a Normal move but then it gets moves that appear to place it all over but don’t settle anywhere.

My advice for it? Try it out in PvP. It should be a lot of fun. You’ll know if it’s any good or not.

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