Understanding Uxie : A Raid Guide



Uxie is the opposite of Azelf, focusing on defence when Azelf was the attack guy and Mesprit was the middle ground. However this makes it much closer to Cresselia than even Mesprit and I believe it’s going to be the least popular of the Lake Guardians. Focusing on defence as a legendary isn’t viable when they can’t even be placed in gyms.

Its a pure Psychic type running almost the exact the same movesets as its counterparts but with Thunder as the elemental move of choice. 270 defence is the 10th highest in the game but its let down by a middling 156 attack and 181 stamina. Catch to collect and please don’t bring it down to raid battles.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Psychic Ghost Grass
Fighting Dark Poison
Bug Steel

Its pure Psychic so its the usual trio of Ghost,Dark and Bug. Avoid Psychic and Fighting at all costs. Bug being bug, there aren’t a lot of good candidates so try to lean towards picking Ghost and Dark types to handle Uxie.


Fast Move Type Power
Confusion Psychic 20
Extrasensory Psychic 12

Exactly the same as Azelf and Mesprit. Confusion is the better one but don’t waste any TMs on your Mesprits. Save them for Azelf.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Future Sight Psychic 120 1
Swift Normal 60 2
Thunder Electric 100 1

Except for Thunder, it reads the same as Azelf and Mesprit. Future Sight will be the most dangerous. Swift is not even worth discussing. Thunder can be annoying but you shouldn’t be too worried by it.

Assembling The Team 

If you’ve read the other guides for Azelf and Mesprit before you read this one, then you’ll know what I recommend. Mr. T and his gang of 5 other T-tars will be here. Definitely. Its Uxie, a Psychic type legendary so Tyranitar is going to be there.

1: Tyranitar


Source: Bulbapedia

Were you even surprised to see Tyranitar? Psychic legendary requires Tyranitar. Bite and Crunch make up the best moveset. There’s no better moveset to handle Uxie. It resists the Psychic and Normal moves of Uxie so it’ll have additional bulk.

2: Weavile


Source: Bulbapedia

Uxie having Thunder does neutral damage to Weavile but it does resist Psychic moves like Tyranitar so no problems there. Use Feint Attack and Foul Play.

3: Darkrai


Darkrai will be a juggernaut when it comes out and if it does come out before Uxie, you should bring a few with you to take on Uxie. Use any mix of the Dark and Ghost moves it knows.

Honorable Mention 


Its the glass cannon and it would last the longest against an Uxie which knows Swift. It’ll go down quickly to Futuresight and its taking supereffective damage from any of Uxie’s fast moves. However if you don’t have enough Tyranitars then go with Gengar if you have a few.


Being more defensive than Azelf and Mesprit, it’s a little risky when it comes to short manning Uxie. You might want to go with 5-6. Its more of a Cresselia so its purely for collection and nothing else. Don’t bring it to raid battles.Please.

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